Published 2017-06-02

NOTE - *If the loading screen gets stuck, reloading it should get it back on track!!

- For better performance, Chrome or Firefox are recommended !

Welcome to the web edition of 'Dinomelt'!

Planet Qwerth has been hit by a bizarre clay meteor!

Creatures have been altered by this alien morphing menace and have become strangely wild.

Play as Gwrep, a clay-exposed dinosaur that somehow survived the effect of the clay, and explore the depths of a clay-infested cavern in a quest towards the core of this clay catastrophe.

*This is a "metroid-like" platformer. Meaning that you'll learn new abilities as you progress through the cavern,


KEYBOARD : Arrow keys - ASD for Actions - ENTER/P to Pause - Space Bar shows the MAP

GAMEPAD: Once dectected, this game also supports gamepads. Buttons mentioned on in-game instructions are related to the Xbox Controller layout, but should adapt to other controllers.
(Analog stick/d-pad : move, AXBY for Actions (rIght shoulder button/trigger can be used to dash, once aquired) + Start to Pause and Select/Back shows the MAP)

Press 'F' to toggle Fullscreen!
And 'M' to temporary Mute/Unmute the audio.

Found a bug?, send me a PM with details! (specifying browser and version (seen in the lower right corner in the title screen))

UPDATE - v. - A few changes were made which fixed some medal requests that made the game crash, also added additional medal-checks to get medals if they were missed.

Update - June 7-Before you go towards the final segment of the game, a sign will be available in the map, letting you know how many orbs you have from each world (if you already have an ongoing save file by the time of this update, this feature will be shown once you travel to any other world, and it will show one less orb (for example, if you got all 7 orbs from world 1, it will show "6/7", it will work fine on a newly started game, though))

This game uses many features(effects) powered by WebGL, which is not suported by all browsers: A couple of fixes were made to solve some gameplay issues when it is not available (hard to read text and a nonfunctional life bar).

v,1,0.0.4 - Fixed a bug on the 3rd area where you can get stuck beneath a warp-pipe.
Another check was added which should recognize most of the aquired Medals on the game by loading an existing file, but so far they don't seem to work consistently. We'll be exploring other options but a definitive solution is still on hold.

v. - Minor tweaks, including an additional check for endgame medals, and a little bit of "help" on the last action sequence of the game.