Published 2021-09-16


(Flashing Lights Advisory)

A Metroidvania where you're a self-aware forum account trying to escape a strange facility. Explore the depths of THE FORUM™ and collect abilities that destroy the very fabric of it!

These abilities include...

  • Error Platform - Its probably nothing important, just ignore it.
  • Glitch Pulse - You can use this to defend yourself! Someone should really tweak the recoil though.
  • Ad Blocker - This little gizmo controls all the ads in the forum! You probably shouldn't touch the sketchier ones...

What's new(grounds)?

The Newgrounds update contains Speedrun-Leaderboards and Newgrounds Medals. Play through the game as fast as you can to top the leaderboards. Can you find and unlock all the medals? Good luck!

Liked The Demo?

We've been working on Glitcheon for over a year now and are glad to finally bring it to Newgrounds.

If you liked the demo, have some feedback, or just wanna follow the progress on the full game here are some links you might be interested in!

iu_366557_8082488.png Join our discord community!

iu_366558_8082488.png Follow the development on Twitter!

Thank you for playing! 

- Yän, River Forge and Bonicle