Piece by Piece

Published 2022-01-16

This little base builder was made like a game of telephone: 6 devs worked on it in a row for 4 hours each, adding to it, piece by piece , all without communicating with each other in between.

The participants in this challenge were:

  1. Liam Calice
  2. Noa Calice
  3. Aran from Sokpop
  4. Jonas Tyroller
  5. CodeMonkey
  6. Yän

In Piece by Piece, you steer a space ship to defend against a swarm of alien critters. Soon enough, they may overwhelm you so better upgrade your ship and add new modules in the shop!


  • Adjust aim: Mouse movement
  • Move around: WASD
  • Fire a missle: Left Click
  • Fire a mega missle: Space
  • Open / close shop: Tab

Making of