The Peak

Published 2022-12-24

Around a decade ago, while still studying 3D animation I decided to make the dumbest idea for a video I had ever thought up (dumbest at the time. Pretty much every idea I have since has been far dumber). The video was fully animated but would have taken days to render and no one was willing to do the voice so it stayed unfinished for over 10 years.

Now for no reason other than I had some free time and plenty of guilt for not uploading in way too long I decided to dust off the files and finish this cutie off. With just a few minor tweaks from what I had learned over the past few years, some of my own god awful voice acting and a modern PC that can render the whole thing out in around 10 minutes it was ready to upload a decade late.

Hope everyone enjoys the video. Hope you all have a nice time during the holidays. But most of all I hope that whoever I stole the footage at the end from doesn’t see this because I have no idea where I got it from 10 years ago and so can’t credit him. Oh speaking of credit the music is Majestic Hills by the legend of royalty free music Kevin MacLeod