Wolfwalkers Robyn and Mebh (Tribute Film)

Published 2023-01-01

Robyn lays on the grass beneath the gigantic roots while reading her book. She grabs a loaf from the basket and starts eating. It is a beautiful autumn day, and they plan to stay until dusk.

What do I mean by they? Robyn's friend of course. :)

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Wolfwalkers — Official Trailer | Apple TV+:


Directed/Produced/Animated by: Billy Wang

Scene Color Illustration by: Anastasia Evgrafova

Scene Outline Illustration by: Billy Wang

Autumn Rose as Robyn

Mayalia as Mebh

End Score by: Bass House

Based on Wolfwalkers by CARTOON SALOON

A Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart Film

(Wolfwalkers is the Intellectual Property of Cartoon Saloon.

This fan film is not to be confused with the main source.)