Published 2023-10-27

Front paged! Thank you for all of the support and feedback! You all rock! :D


v1.0.3 - (10/28/2023)

  • Fixed score/medal progress not saving for non-NG users.
  • Fixed sorcerers and masks spawning on top of the player.
  • Added a toggleable stopwatch for players wanting to track the timed achievements.
  • Fixed a bug with the "Inner Strength" achievement where collecting a power-up after meeting the requirements will invalidate it.
  • Shrunken the enemies' hitboxes to allow more leeway with maneuvering.

v1.0.2 - (10/27/2023)

  • Removed log-in prompt when game loads. Instead, the game will check if the user is already logged in to load score and medals.

v1.0.1 - (10/27/2023)

  • Fixed NG API integration.
  • Fixed scoreboard from stacking previous score, and as a result, had to clear the current scores (apologies in advance).


Use your flashlight to reveal the ghosts that hide in the shadows. Also, do your best to avoid and defeat the other monsters...


Caught trying to steal a time shard, you have been exiled by the gods of light for your transgressions. You are doomed to live out in this spectral purgatory for all eternity. And in a cruel twist of punishment, the light gods have allowed you to retain this time shard, only for it to activate at the depths of the abyss.

Forever doomed to relive this dread, despite losing all your life force to the inhabitants of the void. These ghosts feed on any remaining life force you have left, to temporarily sate their endless hunger. However, in their benevolence, the gods of light have given you a source of light to ward off the ghosts that haunt this realm.

Survive... if you can, even if things look "bleek".


  • Move:WASD or Arrow Keys, Left Analog Stick, or D-Pad
  • Aim Flashlight:Mouse, Right Analog Stick
  • Turn Flashlight On: Hold Space Key, Left Mouse Button, or Right Analog Stick
  • Pause: Enter Key, Start Button, or click on Pause icon
  • Toggle Audio: M Key, Select Button, or click on Speaker icon
  • Toggle Stopwatch: N Key, Left/Right Shoulder Trigger, or click on Stopwatch icon