Pingouin & Raptor

Published 2023-11-06

Pingouin’s missing again! Will you be able to find him? One thing is certain: knowing his habits, he’s sleeping somewhere in the manor. Keep your eyes open and help Petit Grou, a cute velociraptor, to find his friend. Through this journey, in a colorful and unique world, you’ll meet cute and friendly creatures. To unlock new floors, it’s easy, find all hidden objects in previous levels. The faster it’s done, the more stars you’ll get!


Pingouin & Raptor's development started in 2017 while I was learning programming for games. Each month I made a little game and a friend challenged me to finish one of them! I chose to make a hidden object game. It took me more than 2 years to publish the first version with the house in 2020. Then one more year to add the garden and the village. But the adventure continues, I'm working on more content!

Music commissioned to Cadred