Capybara Quest

Published 2022-07-11

CAPYBARA QUEST is an original 2D platformer for the Gameboy Color where you play as a Capybara on an adventure to rescue their baby from a mean pelican who flew off with it.


  • 19 stages across 4 different worlds
  • Hidden collectable Yuzu fruit in every stage!
  • Obscure hard-to-find Easter eggs for literally nobody
  • Admittedly janky ladders

Includes free use assets by:

  • Pollorenzo
  • GumpyFunction
  • Elthen
  • GBStudio Community Assets

If you like the game let me know over on my twitter:

You can find the ROM to play on real hardware/emulation and also optionally donate at:

Controls for PC:

Arrow Keys - Move

Z - Jump/Interact

Enter - Pause/Start

If any controls aren't working, check you don't have caps lock on