Published 2022-07-31

IMPORTANT: sorry theres a small bug where if you click off the game, you cant control it with your keyboard. just try not to do that for now until i can fix it, sorry for the inconvenience :(

A fast paced rouge like where you break everything in one hit, ...but so do your foes.

Collect rare artifacts, break kitchenware to bits, and see just how far you can go!

(Enter to fullscreen, + and - to control volume)


download on!:

Source code:

My Stuff:

---- Credits ----

Assets (3rd party):

Both "Her Foyer" and "Her Tapestry" from Patrica Taxxons amazing album:

"Free Bar Jazz" by Freesound Music: https:\\

Lean Camera by samsface: https:\\

Impact Sounds by Kenny:

Base Platformer Controller by Heartbeast:

and PBS viewers like you. thank you.

enjoy :)