Picowings Flight Simulator

Published 2023-06-12

Take off and explore the mountains and lakes of Picotopia!

-- left, right: Roll + Yaw
-- up, down: Pitch
-- z, x: Throttle
-- p: Pause and set time of day

Hold down Z to increase speed on the runway before pulling up (down arrow) to take off.
If you look around, you will see houses, buildings, and ships.

Technical Notes
Flight model should be "somewhat realistic" in that it models thrust, lift, drag and weight--Of course all the numbers are made up, and things are grossly simplified.

Landscape uses a smooth noise function and can go on forever without repeating. (Well, not forever--it uses a 4095 long list of random numbers-- but longer than I have patience or memory for.)

Water is drawn using a marching squares algorithm in order to have more organic shapes, which I think is kinda neat even if it does take cycles and tokens.