Matching With A Cat

Published 2023-03-06

Matching game meets cats, that's what.

Press ⬅️/➡️/⬆️/⬇️ Arrow Keys to move the cursor. Press 🅾️/❎ to select an item, then press the direction you want the item to swap with and press 🅾️/❎ again. If you wish to deselect the tile, press 🅾️/❎ on the original tile again. The current tile and the selected tile are separated by an orange plate and a pink plate respectively. You can move items even if the moved item won't match with anything.

This is a usual Match-3 or Candy Crush Soda Saga game. You have to satisfy an amount of orders to play. Whenever you match a line of three goods horizontally or vertically, 1 order gets satisfied.

Whenever you match a line of four goods horizontally or vertically, you will trigger its ability while satisfying 2 orders at once. Any one than four goods horizontally or vertically in a line satisfies 3 orders! If you are able to satisfy all the orders after you use up all your moves, you win, else, you loose the game.

Every time you match a line of four goods (or more) horizontally or vertically, you gain a ⭐. You only collect all the ⭐s if you are able to satisfy the orders. If you have a certain amount of ⭐s, you unlock more goods with more abilities!

♪ Can you collect all the sets of goods? ♪

The game was made by, me D3V?, of course, using Pico-8 under 2-3 weeks. The music was made by Gruber Music, it came from his Pico Tunes Vol.1 Pack, using the 'Villager' tune. Credit to for "letting" me use their game, Match-3 as a template, my little brain could not have made one myself.

I had thought of making some kind of match game (with a cat of course, as cats are the main theme of my non-jam games till now)during my vacation, and threw out some ideas from my head to my notebook. There some more ideas I created, both for the abilities and the goods, which I wanted to implement, but I was running out of code and sprite space in Pico-8, (and motivation) to do it. However, in my opinion, the product is alright.