The Heavens

Published 2023-06-12

You were born in an unassuming star system but your fate lies in

Carve a path through the stars, conquer asteroids, colonize planets, and unearth the mysteries of an ancient alien race as you build your stellar empire. Your ultimate goal? Chart a course to the edge of the known universe!

The universe awaits — are you ready?

Master your controls to navigate the cosmic playground:

Thrusters: Hold the UP button to engage.
Turning: Use LEFT and RIGHT to maneuver your ship.
Mini-map: Hold DOWN to view your galactic surroundings.

Tools Menu: Press the V key to access your tools menu, featuring your Cannon, Fuel Collector, Settlement, and Hyperdrive.

Ore: Obliterate asteroids to collect Ore.

Ammo: Automatically replenishes over time

Fuel: When close to a fuel source such as a gas giant or the sun, equip your Fuel Collector from the tools menu and activate it with the C key.

Hyperdrive: Once unlocked, grants you the ability to traverse between solar systems

Resource Management: Balance your resources—blue Fuel, green Ammo, and yellow Ore—to power your journey.

Colonization: Gather enough yellow Ore and land on an uncolonized habitable planet, and you can establish a new Settlement.

Colonizing solar systems also increases your hyperdrive capability.

Settlement Platforms: Platforms on Settlements replenish your fuel.

Solar Expansion: Start new runs from any of your colonized solar systems. Expand out into the galaxy to further your progress.

Probes: Collect alien probes to enhance your ships systems and extend your warp range, guiding you to the last star.

Star Map: Open your star map by pressing the B button when your mini-map is open

Activate your selected tool with the C key.