Mea's Castle

Published 2022-09-21

Mea's Castle is a Metroidvania-like Game: You're a little Adventurer and your Goal is to find the "Cup of Hope". You can run and jump, and soon you will find some Artifacts that'll give you more Abilities.

🠔🠖 - Move
🠗 + 🠔🠖 - Crouch
(Z) - Jump
(X) + 🠗 - Use the last Powerup

This Game is difficult. If you're not a Fan of Jump'n Run-like Games, I think it will be too frustrating^^. There are still Checkpoints basically everywhere, but it's still not easy to beat that Game. Expect to die a lot while playing this^^.

Thanks to

Also, if you like to cheat, you can use

Reset the Cartridge (P -> Reset Cart) and do this:

If you did it right, you'll hear a slightly different Sound.