Interstellar 3D Engine Demo

Published 2023-11-12
Small demo of my newest 3D engine. Expect more to come! Full version will be released on the main account when finished: @TheGoodGuy8000

Make your own textures here:

This engine works similarly to Lunar or Celestial. You can make a game with this. (Though some features are not here yet)

Why are you sharing this on your second account?
I'm sharing this on my second account to get this into the hands of people who can help me improve this as fast as possible. I also have a lot of features in development that will come to here eventually, and once they are here, the game engine will be finished and shared on my main account.

-Update 11/15/23
-Added points
-Added Lines
-Added Triangle Units
-Update 11/14/23
-Added STTF 2 textures support
-Numerous other changes

Rocketship model from:

I made the island model myself

Music from Minecraft

@Chrome_Cat for z clipping and STTF 2.0
@Howtomakeausername for original z clipping
@-Rex- for quicksort
@SpinningCube for optimization ideas
Tri filler originally by @Tsf70 (Optimized by @KryptoScratcher)
@KryptoScratcher for trig