Super Mario on Scratch 5 Elevated

Published 2024-05-10
if the game doesn't LOAD, try playing the game here.
Play the other SMOS games here as well:
Welcome to the game that I have spent over a year working on, A project with true passion. Welcome to Super Mario on Scratch 5 Elevated! This game is a reimagining of Super Mario on Scratch 5, but it takes place after the events of SMOS5 and SMOS4. How many differences have you noticed in the Mushroom Kingdom? This game is the true show of my love for Nintendo and Mario! Thank you all so much for supporting me throughout the years!!! This is a good send-off to SMOS and I will make sure of that since I hope to keep this game updated with performance fixes and maybe some new features. THANK YOU SCRATCH, THANK YOU MY FANS, THANK YOU TO EVERYONE IN THE CREDITS OF THIS GAME SINCE WITHOUT YOU ALL I WOULDN'T BE HERE TODAY!!!!

- @DuckGoose9254 for most of the code
- @Brad-Games for some of the tick code and feedback
- @FunnyAnimatorJimTV for recyclable clone engine
- @Grayforz24682 for Volume Slider Code
- @griffpatch for the base collision code
- @BILLGATESFAN for the clone spawning code
- @GarboMuffin for Coding Advice
- @MusicManJoe for ideas and feedback
- @NightCat28 for ideas and feedback

- @xXNunyaXx for the fantastic thumbnail art
and the NPC character design
- @_meow-gobo_ for the first 10 pieces of intro art
- @FunnyAnimatorJimTV for Day-Night Cycle
- @DuckGoose9254 for the in-game art
- @NightCat28 for Art Feedback
- Nintendo for inspiration
- @-JAM58- for Art Inspiration
- @legobouwer9 for Appel
- Kaze Emanuar for Moon Sound Effect
- @RobloxNoob101 for Gangsta Mario

- @NightCat28 for some Remixes
- @DuckGoose9254 for the Music Remixes
- @MusicManJoe for Kingdom Hearts Remix
- In the Final - GaMetal Remix
- Super Mario Galaxy - Credits (Re-Orchestrated)
- Jade5_ on Musescore for the main theme midi
- Kuppa on Musescore for Perfect Cosmics theme
- Koalarranger64 on Musescore For Final Boss
phase 1 midi
- Nintendo
- Midi Clef
- VGMusic
- Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
- Lucid Dreams by Juice Wrld

- @xXNunyaXx
- @MusicManJoe
- @NightCat28
- @Grayforz24682
- @Brad-Games
- @_meow-gobo_
- @JrpgAddict
- @BayMaxMasTer
- @AzureLightning
- @-JAM58-
- @FunnyAnimatorJimTV
- @griffpatch
- @Kris1307
- @antoinegasseaux
- @Doughnutsz
- @211A
- @SuperCanon20
- @RunTheCoins
- @decoding10
- @Hiper101rd
- @RobloxNoob101
- @superpi2
- @BecauseItsThere
- @triangle5820
- @Great_Ender
- @bigmoney34offical

Nintendo for Mario and most of the other characters.
Most of the original versions of the music are owned by Nintendo.

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