I made FAMOUS people in LEGO...

Published 2022-08-06
In this video I take famous actors, music artists, and YouTubers and make them as Lego minifigures…

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Gear I use:
Camera: Canon EOS R
Mic: RODE VideoMic
Tripod: Magnus VT-4000 Fluid-Head
Lighting: Softbox lighting kit, gooseneck desk lamps, and mini led panel for camera
Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X
Music: Epidemic sound, YouTube to MP3 downloader

Where I get my Lego parts: Bricklink, Lego store pick a brick, Bricks & Minifigs, scrapping sets, friends who don’t play with Lego anymore.

I don’t make instructions for any of my builds… Sorry :/

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    Who was your favorite minifig?

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  • The purple gurl
    The fact that he managed to rickroll us so subtly… that’s what we call real talent
  • ARPS Bricks
    For once, I actually thought the Tom Holland minifig was a real person lol. The video idea and it’s execution, both were absolutely perfect
  • For the rock you could have used echo from the bad batch shuttle because he has an alternate face print without the goggles that shows him with his eyebrow raised.
  • Paladin Polecat
    I still can't tell Will Smith and Chris Rock apart by sight. Face Blindness is part of why I'm so drawn to simple, abstract representations of human faces like Lego minifigures and emojis.
  • Iker Quitian
    This channel is the exact meaning of “it’s worth the wait”
  • Blue Hoodie
    Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down
  • GCN
    The fact that this is #2 on trending is just crazy. Never thought a lego themed video would do so good, but I am pleasantly surprised by it.
  • Irene Nuanez
    Shrekpiece should definitely come a Happy meal
  • Mattie Taylor
    Incredible performance! As Stranger Things fans, it was a pleasure watching you build. Can you imagine recreating John Carpenter's THE THING?
  • yeet
    You should’ve put a glove on the MJ figure

    But my favorite mini fig you made in this video is a tie between Keanu Reaves and Johnny Depp. They’re just so accurate and look like actual mini figs you’d find in a set
  • Ethan Cowan
    Just a request could you please make the legend jerry reed, and Burt Reynolds from smokey and the bandit.
  • PixelStacker
    Your videos are great! The Rick Astley one was awesome, keep it up, I'd hope to see more like this in the future! yes!
  • I'm not just leaving comment behind. I always download your videos too, just to watch it to the school ☺️