Ice Spice - Gimmie A Light (Official Video)

Published 2024-05-10

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  • @mandyjo18
    "I'm his poopy so he changin my diaper" wtf is her obsession with poop and farts?!?!?!
  • Girl, why are you shouting??😭😭😭Somebody give her a light. Damn.💀💀
  • @djpeeksin7323
    nah "I'm Miss Poopy like I need a diaper" coming right after "I don't need a writer" is sacrilegous work
  • @Maury
    You gyatt to be kidding me
  • @bigshizzal
    Total disrespect to Sean Paul's classic "Gimma the Light".
  • @ssovereignty
    We know for sure she ain't got no ghostwriter. She needs one tho
  • Sounds like ur listening to two different songs at the same time
  • @calebpipet
    How can you listen too this in public and not feel embarrassed
  • @ISMOYoutube
    If you’re not here from TikTok, you’re allowed to like this comment.
  • 'he call me his baby im his poopy like i need a diaper" GIRL WHATTTTT
  • @sopinkom8967
    An ice song cant be complete without a "grrah , grrah" what a music right here a u t h e n t I c v i e w s dun took Ice Spice oFf 2 da big leagues and fo dat I will always be super grateful
  • @ALEXYT85477
    Ice spice: Who bigger than me Me: 50 cent Nicki Minaj I CAN NAME MORE
  • @Sam-um7me
    They selling her body NOT her music 🤣