Is LeBron James Still A Top 5 NBA Player?? πŸ‘€ #shorts

Published 2022-08-07
Is LeBron James still in your top 5?

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  • @lsc5028
    The fact this is even a debatable in Lebron's 19th season shows his greatness.
  • Only person clearly over bron is Giannis. Nobody else can do as much as effectively and efficiently as Lebron
  • Jokic gon have to win 9MVPs and 17 titles before people start respecting him 😭😭
  • @Slippy._.
    β€œThe only thing that held him back was his teammates” the back to back mvp having no teammates πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€
  • The Jokic disrespect is unreal. How many more MVPs does this man need to win to gain respect? How many more garbage teams does he need to carry to the playoffs to gain respect? It's insane to me.
  • @mobetta2092
    I’ve been watching NBA since the early 1980s. I remember wondering how sad it was gonna be when Magic, Bird, and Isiah retired, wondering who’d take over and Jordan came into view along with Barkley.

    I then became concerned and Kobe, KG, and Iverson stepped up…only to again worry who’s gonna continue the tradition.

    LeBron enters the fray and has been the league’s savior for quite some time.

    I’m genuinely wondering after LeBron’s display of consistent greatness and shattering expectations, who’s up next

    When LeBron retires all basketball fans whether you hate or love him will miss him tremendously.
  • There's people genuinely picking a 38 year old Lebron over a b2b MVP Jokic?
  • @joeykinde463
    Kenny letting those years of Lebron bullying the bulls in the playoffs affect his opinions again smh
  • It’s like y’all forgot Jokic won 2 mvps in a row 😭
  • @j_the_don5160
    He shouldn’t even be in the discussion at that age but somehow he’s doing it. We really watched a dude dominate basketball for a decade.
  • @alexsmith3598
    Kenny, like every other Bulls fan, just has to put LeBron behind as many people as possible. Lmao
  • @evanbell7825
    Seeing Giannis get the universal title of being the best player in basketball AFTER dealing with years of doubt is satisfying. People were legit shitting on him not even 2-3 years ago
  • @phantom8699
    No way did they just pick lebron over jokic because his teammates held him back LMAO
  • Me personally LeBron is no longer a top 5 player but the fact that it's even a question is insane at his age