Young Sheldon Cast Reacts to George Sr.'s Death in Series Finale (Exclusive)

Published 2024-05-13
It's the end of an era! On the 2-part finale of the 'Young Sheldon,' the Cooper family's patriarch, George Cooper, played by Lance Barber, dies of a heart attack. ET chatted with the cast on set, where they shared their reactions to Sheldon Cooper's father’s death. The 2-part season finale of the 'Young Sheldon' airs May 16 on ABC.

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  • Even though we knew George died from Big Bang,, it still came as a gut punch. Young Sheldon brought Sheldon's family to life and endeared themselves to us.
  • I felt real sadness. George was the 80s Texas dad. Paycheck to paycheck high school coach. He was my favorite character.
  • @kaiserj1982
    It's the performance that Lance Barber brought to the character over the course of the series is what really makes this moment hard to deal with.
  • @justkelly6992
    Lance Barber made George come alive, He was the quintessential middle class dad and even though he was aloof at times, just like a real dad he was always there in a pinch. A great performance by a talented crew.
  • @pacnwguy9056
    I'm really glad they didn't have him die on screen, as I was already tense about it. He and Meemaw were my favorite characters.
  • @King_Elliott
    A moment of silence for everyone who watches the show and didn’t get to this point yet. Edit: To everyone, I already know
  • I’ve never heard Lance Barber’s real voice before! He was my favorite character on the show, and I’m sure I will be crying watching the series finale.
  • @El-Toro-Nica
    This broke me. Being a father myself I connected with George, and also being a heart attack survivor myself, his first cardiac event brought back sad memories. But for him to pass, I knew it was coming, but I still wasn’t ready, I was inconsolable.
  • @peggooo
    Young Sheldon is 10 times the show that big bang ever was. I’m going to miss the show very much and I’m very heartbroken that George is gone.
  • @Wroredko
    I'm glad to read that George is at peace with his passing. You were the best, and it makes me feel a little better.
  • I sobbed. My daughter’s only consolation is that Lance is just fine.
  • @jeffs.4941
    Lance Barber reminds me of my Dad and it made it all the more real. Great, great show.
  • @tz1592
    Being Big Bang fans, we knew George was going to pass, but seeing it happen last week was heart breaking. If the cast ever reads this, you guys are wonderful, believable, and FANTASTIC!! My family and I have loved every episode. We can't wait for Georgie & Mandy's First Marriage next fall. We hope that most of the cast is back.
  • @sovest555
    It is a shame that George Sr. had his life cut short just as he was on the cusp of realizing one of his major goals. But, at least he passed on a high note. Also, another silver lining is that they redeemed what Sheldon had perceived as infidelity on George's part by showing that it was actually just Mary engaging in some spicy roleplay.
  • I'm someone who has not watched Big Bang Theory, I was shattered as this came to fore.. great actors breathe life into their characters, the whole crew of Young Sheldon is a testament to that.. Lance Barber you are a great actor and your character of George Sr. is someone I really loved on the show, thank you for all the laughs you shared with us.. ❣️
  • @lc285
    We loved George. The whole Cooper family. Sorry to see the show end.
  • RIP George, you were the best and knowing he's at ease with his death warms My heart a lil bit
  • I am sad that George Sr. Died. He is a beloved character in the show and cried. It caught me by surprise.
  • I had to watch this episode a few times to let it all sink in. I knew it was going to happen, had an odd feeling when George said "See y'all later." My gut said that we wouldn't. Real tears. This wonderful show provided years of entertainment and gave me more insight into my beloved Dr. Sheldon Cooper. Thank you. 👏👏👏
  • Ohh no George - you were a fantastic character - I'm going to cry - really hard - I think one of the most memorable scenes for me is you protecting your daughter in the ditch during the tornado - it was so emotional, but you being written off - well - good bye - it's not like any of us had a choice. But you played your character with a finesse that nobody else could do any better. Best wishes in whatever you choose to do going forward....