The May 8, 2024 Severe Weather Outbreak, As It Happened…

Published 2024-05-08
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All Comments (21)
  • @SweeetAdeline
    Even not feeling well, you stuck it out for the sake of others' well-being. You are highly appreciated, Ryan! You seriously deserve an award for the most dedicated, professional meteorologist of all time. Bless you and the Ya'll squad! 🌬 🙏❤️
  • @5burowz
    I can't imagine talking for 12 hours straight.
  • @mattd.5310
    Thanks for being awake the past two days fellas and watching out for us all. Much appreciated.
  • @TheOneTimer
    I live in South Carolina, and about 1:30 a.m. my wife woke me up with our weather radio, saying we had a tornado watch that eventually evolved into that tornado warning. The storm that prompted the warning curved back down towards Anderson I missed us by about 15 20 miles
  • @xaninuax
    Another 12 hours well spent. Purchased Radar Omega during this one. Its a lot more simple to use than some people make it out to be. Well worth the money spent. I am up to ~450 hours of live streams watched on this channel. (did the math myself)
  • @itssticks1416
    shootout to andy so many unearned tornadoes today and he was always on top of it giving the listeners and advantage on the storms they could have been unaware of. Hats off to the entire crew as well amazing coverage!
  • Thank you , your weather was accurate and kept me and 5 other men calm while the tornado passed over. We are unharmed but knew when to shelter because of you.
  • Thank you from Dyersburg, TN. Glad to hear we’ll be okay. Thank you for watching out for all of us across the US!
  • @marinebrat1888
    Andy needs to school the national weather service on Memphis on how to pay attention to put out tornado warnings, thank you all for getting the word out
  • @Ginger-B153
    Praying 🙏 Lord Jesus, send your protecting and guiding and rescuing angels to all in need 😇 Asking in the Most Holy Name of Jesus. Amen
  • @Ichigoat865
    This is now the longest Ryan Hall Y’all stream yet.
  • @nahmastay3300
    Thanks Ryan! Just a thought…I think you should bring back the sirens for the tornado emergencies (since they’re so rare anyway) . I have your streams going all day and sometimes I get distracted and those sirens always brought my attention back to the stream. I miss ‘em.
  • I am in anderson sc didnt hear sirens. Thank you, ryan. I had my family down in our safe spot before we got warnings on our phones. We had hail, high winds, and extreme flash flooding.
  • @scarpfish
    28 hours of storm coverage on three consecutive calendar days. You guys deserve a rest.
  • Thank you very much Ryan for all you do in helping us all. Alerting all of dangerous storms. Please get rest and prayers you get well soon. God bless! ❤
  • You, Andy, and your team along with the chasers need an award on par with the Nobel Peace prize! Literally saving lives out here day after day! Ryan, you have found your calling ❤ 🏅
  • I can not say thank you enough. You've kept so many safe. I'm in South Central Kentucky.. Bowling Green. Andy Hill your amazing! Just like Ryan. Agin thank you . ❣️❣️❣️