I Spent 50 HOURS at RNG Games in Roblox

Published 2024-05-12

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  • Laughability, thank you for finally uploading. My life is changed, my wife came back to me. I can now live in peace.
  • @Jabkob
    This video reminds me of that one guy on Reddit who documented his experience trying heroin because he was curious, convinced he wouldn't get addicted, but then got addicted
  • @propellars
    Just as Sisyphus toiled with his boulder, the players of roblox games must spend an eternity rolling, rolling, rolling on and on, getting nametags with rarities stretching into the infinite, searching for the final aura, the fulfillment of expectation, the hope within the chaos, the pattern within the incomprehensible. The cosmos have a plan, and that one in a gazillion name tag could be yours, with just, one, more, spin. Skibidi toilet fanum tax ohio amazing digital circus
  • @poichikon
    the way he started experiencing real and genuine WITHDRAWAL from a roblox game 6 mins into the video is actually crazy 😭😭
  • @Alexaq268
    32:31 '10, 9, 8, 7-' 'Uhhhhy🤓' 'Shut up chase. 6-' My absolute favorite part of the vide
  • I love how there are so many undertale references in this video and Laugh doesn’t even know😭
  • @Riley_i_am
    I feel bad for him. not only are those games copying sols rng but he didn’t even try to look for auto equip is what the main thing to do when going afk.
  • @marshystarshy
    ITS 3AM and I have school But cmon ITS A LAUGHABILITY VIDEO- no time to waste I must watch
  • @Pixel_Pug
    super sweet to see after gambling 50 hours of your life away the real thing you won in the end was quality time with your friends at the cost of your sanity ofc
  • @Septismn
    laugh i larv you. you would literally keel urself for others thats some dedication
  • @KieoiCwoiy
    Happy to have a Laughability video to watch while putting off the stuff I really need to accomplish!
  • @the_real_sans
    17:41 his aura is literally an undertale reference i couldnt possibly ask for more
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  • @apiaxerpla
    99.9% of gamblers quit right before they win big