Ralo - First Day Out [Official Video]

Published 2023-11-10

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  • @dannyriot50
    hoW has this dude become a millionaire, a staple in Atlanta, a drug kingpin, successful rapper, done 5+ years in the feds and out with the world in his hands and just made 28 years old. Legend
  • I want to salute Ralo ... I got this shit on repeat ! Real recongize real , motivation for me to going harder !
  • This the hardest I ever heard lyrically from Ralo! Bout time for a real one to speak that real!!! Welcome home big dog!
  • On the RAP side I’m impressed he’s starting to find his microphone voice and tighten up the flow. He keep it up and keep improving he gone give the rap game problems
  • @bigboi5087
    The comeback is always bigger and better than the set back!!!! Congrats brodie🎉🍾
  • @RioMayne
    Ralo stood on it before his imprisonment, he stood tall on everything he did whilst in prison, and now he out he ain't folded his hand. Now that's what you can call real! I didn't like his music too much before because of the flow but I respected his story. This song though, got me. He in his bag. Sometimes those setbacks really push us forward. Don't let that go over ya heads ! FAMGOON
  • @user-yb5ic6xn5y
    Bring me chills seeing him come out SO strong FAM GOON! I done watch this video so many times.
  • This is what happens when you have faith!! Nothing but faith I know this man was grateful behind bars, might’ve been some up n downs, The Man manifested freedom and he got it. He deserves it. Welcome home big dog.❤
  • @1ba6y.k
    U Gotta Understand Wat Ralo Done Did In Tha City To Understand His Music A Whole Legend 🔥
  • @apoeticf_ate
    Amazing!! We respect you Ralo! Keep progressing brother, god bless your soul and the soil you walk on
  • @howardreed6164
    Glad to see ya hit the bricks!! Keep pushing upwards, Allah will take you higher.
  • @RighteousQ
    This is Righteous dude was providing for a whole community before he got locked up they took that away now he’s back nobody can even sound like him you can’t mimic the real ✊🏾🙏🏾
  • @oneking32
    No 🧢 I felt every line in this song even the intro this song is wisdom,base off reality👇
  • @macsand3802
    My brother you have found your flow don't stop keep going I got it on repeat
  • @bugdagenius6019
    Damn 😳 I felt that shit personally. When you been through it foreal other people can feel your energy without a touch. That shit was deep🙏🤲
  • 🔥 let’s protect this king rap needs Him an the black community is better with him GODBLESS KING