Psychiatrist Answers Mental Health Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

Published 2024-05-14
Psychiatrist Dr. Eric Bender answers your questions about mental health from Twitter. Can you develop a personality disorder? Is stress contagious? What does the Rorschach test actually prove? Answers to these questions and many more await—it's Mental Health Support.

Check out Dr. Eric Bender's Youtube channel for more analysis of popular TV shows and movies:

Plus, COMING SOON: Dr. Bender's upcoming podcast Shrinkage which explores mental health in TV, movies, and video games.

Director: Lisandro Perez-Rey
Director of Photography: Yukihiro Uemura
Editor: Richard Trammell
Expert: H. Eric Bender, M.D.
Line Producer: Joseph Buscemi
Associate Producer: Paul Gulyas
Production Manager: Peter Brunette
Casting Producer: Nicholas Sawyer
Sound Mixer: Russell Purcell
Production Assistant: Davis Forge
Post Production Supervisor: Christian Olguin
Post Production Coordinator: Ian Bryant
Supervising Editor: Doug Larsen
Additional Editor: Jason Malizia
Assistant Editor: Billy Ward

00:00 Psychiatrist Support
00:10 Break from Reality
00:34 Depression and Sleep
01:14 Is stress contagious?
01:39 Hypnotherapy
02:25 Psychology vs Psychiatry
02:45 How to not cry
02:57 Mild Narcissism
03:26 Brain-Gut Connection
04:18 Start of Psychiatry
04:43 Memory Loss
05:09 Intrusive Thoughts
06:21 ADHD
07:02 Mushrooms
07:56 Panic Attacks
08:34 Anxiety Attacks
09:16 Endorphins, Serotonin, Dopamine, Oxytocin
10:05 Omega 3
10:42 Schizophrenia
11:20 Freeze Response
12:04 Beating Depression
13:04 Generational Trauma
13:51 Genetics
14:34 Antidepressants
15:02 Ketamine Therapy
15:53 Psychopathy Test
16:49 Personality Disorder
17:31 DSM-5
18:16 Ink Blot Test
19:03 Integrative Psychiatry

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All Comments (21)
  • @HaggenKennedy
    6:25: "Please, do not look at TikTok as your sole source of information for mental health." Please, do not look at TikTok as your sole source of information for ANYTHING.
  • As someone with OCD it is always nice being reminded that the only thing wrong is my brain misfiring
  • As a nurse, this is probably the most useful and potentially the most healthful Wired Support video. Stay safe everyone. And don't hesitate to seek help!
  • @talal2000tbh
    To whoever makes these videos I need you to know that I deeply appreciate the fact that you still keep calling it twitter and not X
  • @parkermae
    I need 10 more videos with Dr. Bender and a link to where he got his glasses!
  • As a depressed person, i tried to sleep all day cus the more i slept, the less time i had to interact with the world. Dreams are an escape, dreams are my hope. Im not that depressed anymore but some days, that feeling comes back to haunt me. the urge to just sleep and forget the world for a while.
  • @goldenTym
    "Why does TikTok say I have ADHD?". I dunno. Maybe because the app literally trains your brain to stay focused for no longer than 15 seconds and be constantly engaged/stimulated?
  • Just remember, there's more to psychopathy and narcissism than lack of empathy. There's plenty of people who lack empathy AND STILL do things to help others and avoid causing harm. The amount of people who CAN'T respect others UNLESS they have empathy is concerning...
  • @natxon
    they're so real for calling it twitter instead of x
  • @RGBY-tv4hg
    Got an unskipable ad while he was telling me to breath out…
  • @Bennythejet55
    Those glasses are straight off an 80's projector. Bro can hide his unibrow so easily.
  • Getting off short videos is great help towards maintaining ability to focus on something for an extended amount of time.
  • What I would’ve given to have all this information in one place when I got my depression/inattentive adhd diagnosis, I had to scour the internet and piecemeal it together to try and understand my own brain. This should be required viewing for high schoolers in health class
  • DSM-5 book giving me panic about my 10,000 word psych essay I have due in a week...
  • @LiaBee1993
    6:58 Yes, AND - 1. Lots of other mental health issues can appear similar to ADHD like trauma, depression, etc (which makes sense given COVID). But also, 2. There has been more discussions about how typically under-represented groups (like girls) might have been under-diagnosed in the past.
  • @Spelladonna
    Please bring this guy back!! As a Psych student, I already enjoy psychology immensely, but the way Dr. Eric Bender talks about mental health makes it even more interesting!!
  • @caseygunn1717
    One of the most interesting things I learned when I did my thesis on Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders in grad school was that the idea that schizophrenia onset can be predicted by the meteorological season of your birth (more likely to develop symptoms if born in Spring or Winter), but some research suggests it isn't the season itself that is related, but what is likely to happen in that season- i.e., your mother was more likely to have gotten the flu or a cold in Spring or Winter, and that viral activity while you were in utero is what is hypothesized to explain the relationship between SSDs and birth season.