Tiger Woods' Driver Clinic With Rory McIlroy and Nelly Korda | TaylorMade Golf

Published 2024-05-14
Team TaylorMade's Tiger Woods is here to put on a Qi10 driver clinic with Rory McIlroy, Nelly Korda. Rory is coming off of two straight victories and Nelly has FIVE in her last six starts. They go through everything from shaping the ball the way they want to , working it both ways, setups, swing thoughts and so much more. Learn how Rory hits his "Kissy Cut" driver, Nelly hits her "control-y" and some wisdom from Tiger Woods on the golf swing.

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All Comments (21)
  • @TaroZak
    Could listen to these three talk golf for hours
  • @Pewpadewp
    Tiger is ELITE at picking brains. Asks questions when he already knows the answers. Just to hear the other person's processes.
  • These conversations are actually some of the coolest marketing TM could do. Well done.
  • "I wouldn't change from your standard ball flight either if I had that" 5:23 If Tiger said that to me I'd have that on a plaque somewhere in my home, what a compliment
  • Tiger has a new calling...listening to these three go on and explain all the nuances of their swing is a delight to listen to
  • "Before we go can you send one 🥺" is not something i would expect tiger to say
  • I like this version of tiger. He knows this is his future in golf
  • More of this please!!!! Listening to pros bouncing ideas of how they hit shots is so insightful and the banter we outside the ropes never get to hear or see.
  • @pklucky43
    I've become a massive fan of Nelly since watching her on YouTube... She's an extremely intelligent and gracious golfer with a cheeky sense of humour... She more than held her own there with Tiger & Rory... Three of the best right there 👍🙌⛳
  • @pe109
    Tiger is just another level of golf knowledge and intuition... he never feels the need to show boat, or to take shots, he's just so content to learn even more about the game and become the font of all useful knowledge! What a legend!
  • @KlisrColi
    This was quite interesting. It was fascinating to hear these three discuss their swings and coping mechanisms!
  • @EsinAmiz
    This content is at an elite level! Could spend all day listening to Rory, Nelly, and Tiger talk golf.
  • @rupertgale537
    The THREE MOST INFLUENTIAL AND IMPORTANT GOLFERS in the world today. And you know what? They talk and discuss their swings with such openness and humility that its so refreshing. Tiger is a god and we should treasure every time he plays on the PGA and in majors. Fantastic film guys. I will rewatch...
  • This is why YouTube is gold. We forget how amazing YouTube is. We get to listen to this conversation.
  • @PYGolf
    Gotta say seeing Tiger have a blast and giggle made me so happy. More of this trio!!!
  • @foxlinks6656
    Nelly is so natural and calm. I love her tempo. Rory is a Beast! Great content. Thank you.
  • Love how these three are so knowledgeable about the game, but still learning from each other
  • @Lankfield
    The only complaint I have is that it's too short. This could be 3 hours and you'd have even more views. Love it. Great format.