Protect The Yacht, Keep It!

Published 2024-05-11
This video did not go how I expected it to
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All Comments (21)
  • @MrBeast
    This is our final β€œProtect” video! Got some new original concepts coming up soon that will blow your minds :D
  • MrBeast Idea: Make a zombie survival challenge where you get a ton of people to play zombies and a few people to play survivors. Rent out another abandoned town, and play the most crazy round of tag ever. If a zombie tags a survivor the survivor is eliminated. Even better if the challenge lasts a couple days to really get that survival feeling.
    The fact that the water makes this challenge 1000x harder than the ground ones
  • @8-BitGames221
    Jimmy - β€œmake sure to take the next challenge more seriously.” Sean - β€œMATTRESSES”
  • @dopeboigamingTV
    This one my favorite video now! That was amazing , being able to see it up close just another level of joy
  • @Fara1O
    The zombie survival idea would be good
  • @Karl
    Jimmy picked the most confident man ever
  • @furqanbangash
    Mr. Beast should make a AAA game based on himself at this moment...
  • The fact mr beast has this much access to bombs is concerning
  • Got so muchhh financial problems but I’ll always be watching Mr.beast ❀❀
  • @mitjakovac278
    love how jimmy's channel went from being a funny and goofy challenge channel to now basically a newer version of old TV shows i used to watch
  • @Lucasisgoated
    Respect to Sean’s workers to stay up all night and help him win.
  • @Nyekomei
    Man i used to watch you play tuber simulator always and now here we are 😊
  • @priitmk
    You can have 2 contestants, one tries to destroy something, the other has to protect it