you put WHAT in the soup!?

Published 2024-05-13
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Game: Abiotic Factor

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0:00 - scientific defecation
0:37 - men of science
2:46 - literally me
3:01 - the sabotaged our love
3:46 - bryan attempts his first soup
4:22 - escaping manufacturing
7:02 - the executive office chair
8:29 - bizzle gets everyone sick
9:26 - solder discovered
11:05 - defense maestro
12:09 - bryan attempts his second soup
14:49 - bryan perfects the recipe
18:20 - forehead fables bumper
19:23 -

All Comments (21)
  • @GeneralSam
    we're not like those other scientists: our shit soup is fresh, never frozen.
  • So this game is basically Half-Life, but you play as a Black Mesa Scientist who didn't get an HEV suit and a crowbar?
  • @GarryMallCop
    Forcefully trapping his friends in the toilet as he shits is definitely something i knew Sam would do
  • @Jumbleman5
    Experiment: What if I shit on the floor? Procedure: I shit on the floor. Conclusion: Shit is on the floor.
  • I cried hearing Bryian's voice. It must have hurt for Sam to edit the full video of the last time he talked to his best friend before the car crash.
  • @peelingtonm
    this bryan guy seems awfully funny, he should join a podcast
  • @buttersnips1
    You ever pooped while a ghost brain watches? That'll put hair on your balls.
  • I think these kinds of vids is what got me into sam, this vid reminded me of his old ass forest vids just sam and his boys goofin around doing shit the game never expected them to do
  • @younggeek2974
    Man, gonna come back to this to listen to Bryan again later. The podcast just isn’t the same with him gone. Thank you Sam for sharing some of his last content. Rest in peace Bryan, butterbarn every saturday in your honor.
  • @Helmotz.
    that science musical bit at the beginning is so good
  • @boi5573
    This game looks bomb af. Love seeing a dedicated scientist analyzing this game sam