Published 2024-05-05

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  • @thatsthatzaza
    "If i am a pedophile, then why wasnt i arrested yet" dawg dan Schneider is still free💀
  • @Elur2474
    This is the equivalent of showing up to court without a lawyer
  • There's a reason why lawyers don't want their clients to speak
  • @louaista
    Kendrick gonna drop before im done listening
  • @EmmaPM2
    "Rabbit hole is still deep I can go farther I promise" Is why Drake started complimenting him in the end lmao
  • The point of a diss track is to diss the other person back not deny what the other person said😂
  • @KeegoTheWise
    “haha, i expected you to call me a pedophile” is a WILD position to take imo
  • Drake said all in the same breath, we fed you information then said whoever fed you this information is a clown
  • @Robskimask
    When you burn bridges with all the ghost writers you convict yourself....
  • @iamberto184
    Kendrick - "you a liar and a manipulator" Drake - "I lied to and manipulated you"
  • @wirwp17
    Ain't no way drake getting trolled in his own comment section 😭💀
  • @Rosalyn-Wong
    Drake making fun of kdot for getting touched as a kid while trying to say he isnt a rapist is crazy
  • “Your honor my client cannot possibly be guilty of having sexual intercourse with a minor. He’s simply too rich and famous”
  • @wg4053
    J Cole riding his bike through Manhattan listening to Taylor Swift.
  • @zenodoesedits
    drake sounds like a kid in middleschool in a rap battle.
  • Never let bro release a song without the ghostwriters again what a music right here a u t h e n t I c v i e w s dun took DRAKE oFf 2 da big leagues and fo dat I will always be super grateful