Childish Gambino - Little Foot Big Foot (Official Video) ft. Young Nudy

Published 2024-05-12
Listen to “Little Foot Big Foot” feat. Young Nudy here -

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Director: Hiro Murai
Producers: Jason Cole and Danielle Hinde
Production Company: Doomsday
Co-Executive Producers: Chad Taylor and Fam Udeorji
Choreographer: Shay Latukolan
Choreo Asst: Lars Bohte
Prod Supervisor: Roland Berry
Prod Coor: Daniel Brink
Office PA: Giulia Alexander
1st AD: Gavin Macleod
2nd AD: Rick Randell
2nd 2nd AD: Joey Neubauer
DP: Larkin Seiple
Steadicam: Brian Freesh
1st AC: Matt Sanderson
2nd AC: Jonathan Dec
DIT: Earl Fulcher
Gaffer: Matt Ardine
ACLT: Stephanie Hauser
SLT: Nick Perry
SLT: Brad Ferm
SLT: Nick Street
Hyphenate: Jack Shaw
Key Grip: Justin Moran Duquette
Best Boy Grip: Aaron Stinde
Dolly Grip” Connor Bordell
Grip: Austin Johnson
Grip: Fernando Nevarez
Hypenate: Abel Soto
PD: Page Buckner
Asst Art Director: Jenny Lass
Lead Person: Pablo Sanchez
Set Decorator: Tamar Barnoon
On Set Decorator: Denver Stoddard
Set Dresser: Carlos Canon
Set Dresser: Noah Tavares
Set Dresser: Sergip Arevalos
Sound Mixer: John Rampey
VTR: Jarrod Butler
Location Mgr: Alex Dominguez
Costume Designer: Mary Zophres
Costumer: Kelly Porter
Asst Costume Designer: Josh Quinn
Asst Costume Designer: Adrian Lubanski
Lead Make Up: Michele Lewis
Make Up Asst: Petrice Bankhead
Makeup Asst: Deborah Humphries
Make Up (CG): Autumn Moultrie
Make Up Asst (CG): Dalia Younan
Lead Hairstylist: Andrea Mona Bowman
Hair Assist: Yvette Shelton
Hair Asst: Kamaaura Eley
Hairstylist (CG): Tiffany Daughtry
Groomer: Janice Kinjo
Stunt Coordinator: Ryan Sturz
Club Mgr: Quinta Brunson
Pipe 1 Dancer: Monyett Crump
Pipe 2 Dancer: Rob Bynes
Stunt Performer: Xavier Charles
Stunt Performer/ Man with gun: Eric Watson
Smoking Man: Leopold Murphy
The Girl: Ezenwa IIabor
Blues Guitarist: Oscar Jordan
Laughing Man: Landry Barb
Dancer in the desert: Zonta Te'Ahnna Wallace
Edited at PARALLAX
Edited by Luke Lynch
Assistant Editor Victor Dos Santos
Executive Producer Graham Zeller
Post Producer Eliza Moley
Sound Designer: Trevor Gates/ Formosa
VFX by Monumental and Square VFX
Head of Post Production: Laïla Hamdaoui
Post Producer: Elisa Johanna Känd
VFX Creative Directors: Mathieu Jussreandot, Colin Journée
VFX Production Manager: Julie Delepine
On-set VFX Supervisor: Ben Kadie
CG Generalists: Victor Dufayard, Laurent Basset
Mattepainting: Richard Gomard
Compositing: Thomas Jouenne, Adrien “Palmito” Renay, Isabelle Tchoungang
Roto: Sancio VFX
Color: Alex Bickel
Management: Gilga/W+R, Myles Williams, Savannah Braswell, and Mariah Christian

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All Comments (21)
  • Life's taught me to be wary of a wide-eyed smiling Donald Glover. Shit tends to go down after that happens.
  • @JustLenya
    The acting as he goes from shock and horror at accidentally killing someone to realization and deciding to use this to his advantage is incredible. There's so much conveyed just through his face.
  • Moral lesson: people like violence,more than a straight,clean performance but as we know childish gambino there is obviously alot of meanings to this one
  • Don't let it go over your head that the second the music involved "N*ggas dying" the crowd started loving it. Donald Glover truly a genius with every message he puts out there for yall.
  • “Y’all don’t hear me, You just wanna dance” Mr. 3000
  • @MxSae
    New Kendrick music, new childish gambino music, it’s a good year.
  • @Jay92_
    He said he was gonna release three more albums. He’s doing the family-friendly album. He’s gonna do the R&B album and his last album is going to be the greatest rap album of all time
  • Nudy: "so hey donny, where do I fit into this song?" Donald glover: "uuuuuuuuuuuugh.....right at the end"
  • The definition of, "Nobody knows what it means but it's provocative." Gambino back.
  • @boopdoop2865
    This man has so clearly performed for a room full of blank faces because that awkward beginning where he was still clearly hyping himself up looked SO REAL!
  • @brianluck84
    He could have easily made this an episode in Atlanta.
  • @moondeliight
  • @Erebos2517
    This is giving 'sold my soul at a crossroad' vibes.
  • @10XSeiga
    bruh he made a commentary about how we make people feel good by making music about hurting eachother. beautiful.
  • @Astartes-6969
    "Ya'll don't want to hear me. You just wanna Dance." Perfectly describes this song.