Jack Harlow - Lovin On Me [Official Music Video]

Published 2023-11-09
Jack Harlow - Lovin On Me
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All Comments (21)
  • @hiphopdx
    Jack is out here having fun and enjoying the fruits of his labor, love to see him winning
  • @CG5
    I am so addicted to this song.
  • He sampled a 90s R&B singer from Detroit called Cadillac Dale for this & gave him his first ever charting song, so big ups to Jack for that!
  • @Moni-k-if1qp
    There's something about this song that gives me 90's vibes and I'm loving it ❤
  • this is absolutely fire...the simple groove, catchy melody and the video is so creative
  • @Azerrz
    This is like a modernized version of Confetti Jack I fuck with it!
  • @FordGirl13x
    The 80’s 90’s vibe in this is the best thing I’ve ever seen/ felt!!
  • It honestly looked like everyone in this video was just vibing and jamming to the song, I love it! Well done Jack 😂❤
  • @SruiCtong
    Total 90s vibe. Definitely on repeat
  • @ShotsAnimals
    A music video that breathes life into a song and paints a new realm before your eyes, akin to an enchanting journey through a world of colors and energies😻
  • @lilaaaa18
    It's giving 2000s vibes and I love it! ❤
  • This song never gets old. No matter how much I listen, I never get bored. ❤❤❤
  • Posted this on my Facebook today! Can’t stop listening to it! Loved it instantly the minute I heard it! I was like “who is this?” Soooo catchy! What… a tune! Go on Jack! Absolute banger! Massive thumbs up from me for sure. ❤️🔥👌🏻 xx
  • @SnowFlower2022
    This is just something you listen to when getting ready and sing along to smiling cause of how good and a vibe it is
  • This song has been on repeat and I mean repeat since I heard it a few days ago! Straight 🔥🔥🔥