Acid vs Lava- Testing Liquids That Melt Everything

Published 2023-11-18
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  • @MarkRober
    Most people I asked predicted the wrong winner here. Go check out the new CrunchLabs Roblox game where you can build rockets with your friends and learn stuff!
  • @mellow3995
    Nigel used a weaker acid solution because he knew they'd be keeping the cars they'd destroyed at the end, truly a mad genius
  • I still can’t believe you can do all that to a diamond! I never would have guessed how tough they are..I’m still too scared to try it myself though 😅
  • @MakersMuse
    Used cars for sale - slightly acidified/melted/crushed but with GREAT history.
  • @Seed
    1:48 Mark’s hand wash detector is coming in handy!
  • @Sinnicide
    Mark trying to embrace his inner Marvin HeeMeyer and almost getting stopped by a 1/2 inch steel plate is seriously the funniest thing to me a tradesman. The known battle between guys on the tools and the engineers lives on and Id say this was a victory for the toolies.
  • @bolikde9389
    8:25 Mr. Rober, you saved the City. How does it feel ? MR: It feels great !
  • @M_Miles
    The fact that mark can just get his hands on Lava and acid to the amount he can cover a car is crazy
  • @Koopaperson
    William is 100% the type of person to enter a video unannounced and I legitimately couldn’t tell if he actually did until everyone else showed up
  • I love that, even if Kevin did not get the point from the bat round, he would have still won because the car round is worth 2 points.
  • @DomaLlama
    I LOVE THIS COLLAB!!!!! ❤❤❤ yes!!! How am i just seeeing this when I stay watching both you and nilered's videos!??!??!? Great video guys 💯💯
  • @petersmythe6462
    Honestly to even the odds Nigel should have been allowed to use any non-metallic, non-high explosive chemistry he wanted.
  • @Pizzashorts
    You know the video is going to be crazy when Mark decides to collab with Nilered and Kevin.
  • @labro1330
    Every key tasting the turkey leg after it was in the lava was hilarious
  • @ryanking7331
    Having Will, Nigel, and Kevin was great. Please continue to do stuff with them.
  • @user-qo1gy9wd9h
    I'll admit, I was rooting for Nigel as I'm a huge NileRed fan, but everyone did awesome, and Kevin did the most satsifying destruction.
  • @GustavJensen30
    Cool video! You should include NileRed more! He is an excellent YouTuber and while he does have fun in most of his videos he does maintain a serious technical aspect and teaches us new and unique scientific things we didnt know existed.