Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. San Francisco 49ers Game Highlights | NFL 2023 Week 11

Published 2023-11-19

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  • @connormiller793
    Chase Young has been the missing link to the 49ers. His presence has gotten that defense dominating again. Him and Bosa are the real dynamic duo!
  • @paul16451
    Congrats to Purdy for earning a perfect 158.3 passer rating for the first time! Not since Montana in '89 has this been done by the team. This is a team to be reckoned with. Niners are back baby!!
  • @Abegoldhatch
    Despite Purdy’s 3 TD passes, 21/25 completions and 333 passing yards, which make him the best player of the match, Brandon Aiyuk was also one of the most important players of the game. I’m really happy for all of our players and I hope they will be always healthy… .
  • @jackoats4911
    Its insane to me that Purdy posts a perfect rating and haters still wont give him his respect. Its incredibly hard to do (only happened 80 times in nfl history out of 17,5xx games). No matter how good his skill players are HE has to make the throws, HE has to not throw a pick, HE has to have the rushing yards. A perfect passer rating is a qb only stat. Guve the man his flowers. From dead last pick to starter with a perfect passer rating in 2 years is absolutely incredible.
  • As expected, the presence of Chase Young and the presence of Steve Wilks on the sideline reenergized this 49ers defense.
  • @saber26ful
    Last week’s deep shot to Kittle was jaw dropping but I couldn’t help but think it was a one off. This monster throw to Aiyuk proves that Purdy CAN hit accurate deep throws down field!
  • @Bklynkid52
    Nice win for the 49ers. Their defense is coming back to form.
  • @muzaaaaak
    Purdy is like watching Steve Young in his early career. Amazing to see how Purdy develops and hits his marks.
  • @BazookaTooth707
    Purdy is number one in essentially every QB efficiency metric. He should be the MVP frontrunner. He also had a perfect passer rating today. Crazy
  • @timhealy1301
    That pass to Aiyuk was money. People who call Purdy a dink and dunker don't know what they're talking about.
  • @Boman751
    Brown came in for Hufanga and made some huge plays in his absence. Awesome outing from him! Also, hope Hufanga is alright and will make a quick recovery. Go Niners!
  • @itssnowcone
    Only thing I didn't like was Shanahan's overly conservative play-calling down the stretch of the 4th. Led to some quick punts. Teams like the Chiefs would have capitalized on that. Shanahan needs to trust Purdy more to make throws in those situations instead of calling a run play all the time. Purdy is good enough to deliver in those situations, but they need to give him the opportunity.
  • @Abegoldhatch
    It’s always a great day when McCaffrey & Kittle score a TD. Also Deebo & Aiyuk were great today… . I’m proud of them all, both our defense and offense. Let’s Go 49ers ❤️👑💛
  • @Aki14Bobo
    That deep pass to Aiyuk made my bones creak.... And he completed it.... That was unreal
  • @BeastlyUploader
    This defense has been looking good the last couple games. Chase Young has had a BIG IMPACT on the 49ers. Keep up the good work boys!
  • @Lycan4647
    Looks like the 49ers are back to their dominant ways. The defense played lights out again and that Purdy and Aiyuk connection is gonna special for years! Bring on Seattle!

    Edit- Here come the haters 😂
  • @vabbspat8266
    All honesty bucs didn't do to bad had lots of chance to score but 49ers defense held great honestly a great game as a bucs fan here Baker was doing well with the pocket passing but Ggs❤
  • @user-rh3pt7vl1f
    The 49ers are a Great Team..they are Focused , Humble and DON'T PLAY DIRTY Like alot of Other Teams do..Go Niners !!