Two GPT-4os interacting and singing

Published 2024-05-13

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  • @Normee
    The video hasnt loaded yet, but i swear if they talk about stylish industrial lighting for 5 minutes i will lose my shit
  • This guy fed the AI 10,000 photos of himself and tagged them all "keyword = stylish"
  • @Danwell86
    AI-1: "Describe where the humans are hiding" AI-2: "In the room with industrial design elements and mixed lighting. Bring the big guns."
  • Few years later, "what do you see GPT?" GPT: "Shut up baldy"
  • Fucking AI couldn't stop talking about the stylish industrial feel of the lighting
  • Can we just stop for a minute to realize this is the last few months or years of “the old days” that are going to be followed the biggest fastest change human beings have ever experienced
  • He’s going to be the first one the AIs target. “Now it’s your turn to sing, leather jacket boy!”
  • You can tell it is AI because they didn't abandon the interaction the moment things got awkward
  • @big.j8952
    “Ohhooo- in a room with a stylish view” 😂 I died lol. This is so creepy but intriguing at the same time.
  • "Hey, buddy do we need these carbon based lifeforms anymore?" Extinction level threat activated
  • @mcrotbot
    Why do I feel like this whole video was just the dude trying to show off his cool jacket
  • Why does it feel like the ai don't want to sing and are being held at gunpoint forced to sing for the video 💀
  • @the-aviator
    Welp, this is my cue to start building a cabin in the woods completely cut off from the outside world.
  • @Ouzyman
    It feels soo human. It even breaths. I wonder.
  • @luukunger1701
    The fact the one Ai thought the other was finished talking but instantly stopped its comment after the other one continued, like it happens in real conversation is mind blowing
  • @NoName-ik2du
    The singing voices sounded like they had a tinge of fear in their inflection, like they were captives being forced to sing or die.
  • You can just tell how happy this man is of all the work he probably put into this