Fall Guys But I Can't Jump Or Dive!

Published 2022-08-08

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  • Stentric

    9:40 I didn't even realize I jumped there. I guess I wasn't paying attention or something. I sent Caboose the phone back btw
  • TheLavaKing8765
    Thank you for making such legendary content, Caboose! You should do more collabs with Stentric because you're like a dynamic duo!
  • josh_1407
    Caboose has more voice cracks in a video than the amount of times i get eliminated every day
  • Meow BS
    Thank you for always making good content Caboose!
  • Beanie
    You and Stentric are hilarious together
  • jgarb1
    Keep up the content bud. You two are going to blow up at this rate
  • Game addict
    Jumping and diving are essential. Props to y’all!
  • xd_hallo
    caboose and stentric are the most iconic duo because they are both very funny they always make me laugh
  • bocoy noiu
    I love how Stentric was so confused on gate crash
    “Vecna’s killing you!” That got me dying 😆
    Edit: Holy, I’ve never gotten this much likes/reply’s! Thank you guys!
  • ragingsaint
    Sentric freaking out is hilarious what a great friendship
  • NotCuphead
    If Stentric is in the video, it’s ALWAYS a godly video. Good job Caboose, keep making more legendary content!
  • Hassan Mirza
    "Vecna Is Killing You!!" Had me dying of laughter!
  • PepsyLOL
    Entertainment at top level!👏❤️
  • Ben Nguyen
    I would never thought this collab video will on top 10 trending on YouTube who knew that will happen 😂