SpaceX Starship Launch 2 (IFT2) Explained!

Published 2023-11-19
Here we have the colossal SpaceX Starship Launch 2 (IFT2) Explained! The day arrived where SpaceX has proved that all those improvements to the launch site and launch vehicle have paid off! Yes, on Saturday the 18th of November, 2023! That day my friends, the newest record breaking Starship full stack flew for the second time ever! Oh boy was this one improved from the last, yet still a nail biting spectacle.

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All Comments (21)
  • @Alderite
    The fact that the 33 Engines still running after taking off the Launchpad is an amazing feat itself. Glad to see the Water Deluge system is working well
    This launch was night and day compared to the first one. It was an epic launch.
  • @RCSVirginia
    This flight has eased some of my concerns about Starship, and it looks like SpaceX has been working to constantly make each launch and flight better.
  • Im old enough to have watched the Apollo flights as a small boy. I have never lost my interest and astonishment with the reach for space.
    To see humankind stretch out again is so awesome. Thank you SpaceX.
  • @johng-1
    It’s very nice to see the various SpaceX YouTubers working together for events like this. The sense of community is amazing!
  • Outstanding job on this report Marcus! 👍🏻🇺🇸
    A couple of the other channels just sit there and gripe about negative media reports, while you consistently push forward with the accomplishments and hurdles that have been overcome, while keeping your story focus headed onward and upward! 🚀
  • @dickklein
    This was one of the best post launch assessments on the web. Great job focusing on Stage 0, the key to a third lunch attempt.
  • @joelove2084
    I watched many recap videos, and was on site for the launch. I wanted to let you know that your recap was REALLY informative and unique. Your breakdown and comparison of IFT1/OFT1 was really cool. I'm writing my own articles about the experience and sharing many links to other people's perspective, but I'm going to recommend yours first as it really does a great job at explaining things to people who may not know all the details.
  • @justinodom4189
    MARCUS! WOW MAN! what an unbelievable flight! My 15-year-old son and my 11-year-old daughter woke up to watch this with me. I was watching the live stream of it from 4am and never went back to sleep because my heart rate wouldn’t allow me to. Thank you so much for posting this video. It’s amazing. Thank you for all you do and keep it up brother!
  • @buntnik
    Very nice work, Marcus!
    And great progress for Spacex
  • @thanos7691
    Amazing work by SpaceX. they are almost there for a perfect launch. lots of learnings and increased probability of success in the upcoming launches
  • @restojon1
    The engineer in me is still flipping out over the shockwaves emanating from the base of the vehicle as it "hitched it's skirt up" in preparation to leave the launch mount. Just look at the amount of visible shock waves despite that deluge system.... and still, the surrounding area seems to be mostly in one piece 😮 we just launched a stainless steel building high into the heavens and 100 odd years ago we'd only just worked out how to glue cloth over wood and fly a few hundred feet over the ground
  • Marcus, what a marvelous and professional condensed summary of it all. What a wonderful spirit of cooperation by your other industry producers - all true professionals.
    Thanks so much, this is a milestone keeper...and just the right length - 13 mins!
  • @judahlopez3668
    The amount of damage to the pad on this launch compared to the last time is crazy, spacex is really improving a lot each and every launch test!
  • 0:09 always impresses me how you can see that shock-sound wave expanding just when they light up the engines. Great stuff!
  • @dennisyoung587
    I was there. I was totally not expecting the launch to push the sound into my chest. I could feel the launch in my body. Wave after wave of shock hit us there in South Padre.
  • @catbertz
    Wonderful breakdown of events as usual! This test was awe inspiring to watch and just feeds my hype for the next one. The sight of those 33 engines glowing as they push this huge stainless steel monster into the sky was pure scifi imagery.
  • @ThexBorg
    Those epic shockwaves at launch, wow!
  • @saent21
    Thank you, Marcus! You always manage to add something new. As far as I know, you're the only one who noticed the staggered shutdown of booster engines prior to stage separation. Great attention to detail!