Minnesota Vikings vs. Denver Broncos | 2023 Week 11 Game Highlights

Published 2023-11-19

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  • @og5466
    As a broncos fan, every win now is a heart attack
    They may be my team's rival..but I'm really pulling for Denver to keep this streak going....and make the post season
  • Denver winning games with all field goals and a touchdown here and there is crazy. That defense did a complete 180 after the loss to Miami.
  • @Way2LoveMeBack
    If the Broncos manage to keep winning and make the playoffs, this would be one the greatest turnarounds in NFL history
  • @Bklynkid52
    From 1-5 to 5-5. The Broncos are actually in the running for the playoffs. The five game win streak ends for the Vikings.
  • @Way2LoveMeBack
    Props to Will Lutz, 9-9 in field goals in last couple games. He's definitely a big factor in this offense
  • @sasuke4612
    Jeudy's fake pass is probably my favorite play from this game. Such a fun little moment that worked.
  • This team went from giving up 70 points to winning 4 games in a row. One of the best turnarounds I’ve seen in a while
  • As a Hawks fan so much fun watching Russ pull off these fantastic nail biting games again. Makes me a Broncos fan now too. You guys got this. Enjoy the Ride.
  • @sports3117
    What an impressive comeback by the Denver Broncos. The defense gave up a lot of yards, but they did come up with 3 turnovers. Russell Wilson playing so much better when he’s not doing too much with the ball, and Courtland Sutton has been clutch these last couple weeks. Josh Dobbs has earned my respect for the way he played since being traded to Minneapolis
  • from giving up 70 points in a game to forcing 12 turnovers vs the Chiefs, Bills, and Vikes. What a turnaround!
  • @LiamDeege
    Denver really has been rocking like they haven’t been in almost 10 years and it makes me happy honestly seeing them rise once more.
  • @ominousgIare
    Broncos are a real underdog team, went from 1-5 to 5-5.
  • @josephpercy1558
    Sean Payton's definitely making a difference. I knew it was going to take some time with his transition, but now it's starting to show.
  • @fifaclips1530
    What a great game and a great comeback by the Broncos!
  • @cjsmith8319
    This game had my stomach in knots. Let’s go boys!
  • 4 weeks ago people said Wilson was a joke and They wouldn’t be surprised if Sean Payton got fired after the season. What a difference 4 weeks make!

  • @Nothankyou1161
    My favorite part about this game has to be the fact that it’s not two juggernauts playing. These are two pretty good teams that are fighting to stay alive in the league. It was gritty, intense, and thrilling. This is by far the best SNF game this year. This week has by far been the best and tmr with Philly and KC it’s only going to get better.
  • @ReeseDavidson
    I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun watching the Broncos!
  • @karenhardie1132
    Nice to see Russ play well again. He gets far too much hate. He is a superbowl champion. 😊