CA sheriff orders raid on Indiana Batmobile garage, allegedly as favor for friend - EXCLUSIVE

Published 2022-07-29
Holy political favors, Batman! That's the allegation against San Mateo County Sheriff Carlos Bolanos for sending a four-man team across the country last week, to raid the garage that builds Batmobiles. Read the ABC7 News I-Team report here:

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  • Brent Walker
    This is a very disturbing story. The sheriff, DA, and rich brat should be worried about consequences for their illegal actions.
  • Anthony Clark
    The amount of Laws that are broken by so called Law Enforcement are absolutely astounding.
  • Chris Snyder
    How a sheriff from California imagines he has the authority to raid a business in Indiana is beyond me. The hubris is legendary
  • Monka Steele
    Just imagine how many people this sheriff did this to that didn't have the same sort of platform as the Fiberglass Freaks owner to get the story picked up by news absolutely disgusting to think about.
  • Glenn A. Jaspart
    Using the law to bully people is NOT something we should ever condone. If anything, corruption must be fought at all times!
  • Dr. Detroit
    "When policemen break the law, then there isn't any law - just a fight for survival." Billy Jack. These above-the-law "Good ole' Boys" and their enablers in high places need to be punished to the absolute limits.
  • Lenny M
    This is just a disgusting abuse of power through friends in “high” places.
  • TooKay4Ever
    It’s kind of nice to have this brought to light. It’s no fair that just because of your power you can ruin someone’s life for seemingly no real reason what so ever.
  • eroi bior
    Incredibly outrageous. My heart goes out to the Batmobile builder :(
  • j3m1f8
    How any LEO could be involved in this and not be Fired, Prosecuted, and Banned from L.E. is beyond me.
  • Daniel Flores
    Please don't let this go, we NEED to find out what was so WRONG that it required the attention and resources that many others WITH REAL GRIEVANCES are in need of.
  • Jeramie Alward
    This is where the police need to utilize professional discretion. The fact that they took payments and pursued this tirade against a honest man making a living, goes to show that the police force is diluted and easily bought and not serving the people anymore. Those officers should all be fired and the people that approved the warrants and raid also removed from service.
  • Troy Landers
    How did any of them think this was legal? Clear abuse of power, charges should follow.
  • sid vicious
    The Batmobile maker needs an attorney to sue the owner, the sheriff, the DA’s Office and that city or state. That is a total abuse of power Ann all involved should be held accountable.
  • Kc Trieber
    The judge, sherriff, and the officers involved should be referred to the federal Dept. of Justice for civil rights violations. They should also be investigated for bribery and corruption. This is the sort of thing that destroys people's faith in the police and court system.
  • GyroMurphy
    Nothing short of stripping their law enforcement credentials from all involved should be acceptable. I'd go as far as to say criminal charges are warranted. This is an obvious disgusting display of corruption.
  • Jordan Kinberg
    This is the very reason I have never tried to open up a car repair or modification shop. One person that acts like an 8-year-old can literally shut you down for months just by having powerful friends that are way overstepping their power.
  • Rico S
    San Mateo county is an extremely corrupt county that needs to be checked out! The amount of times they have conducted illegal raids / searches on civilians is insane!
  • Travis Winslow
    The Judge who issued the warrant, the District Attorney, the Sherrif, and the Officers should all be fired immediately! What an outrage!
  • Cm1214
    The amount of effort this sheriff is going to for this dumb situation is scary. Can you imagine what he’s done where he works