Rings of Power Season 2 Teaser BREAKDOWN

Published 2024-05-14
We've just gotten our first look at season two of Amazon's The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power! As usual, I'm going to dive through every image and talk about the lore and give my predictions and observations!

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  • What did you think of the teaser? Did it increase your hype level (wherever it may have been prior)? Favorite/least favorite moment?
  • Galadriel: "But they were all of them deceived for another WIG was made."
  • @countpicula
    Elves: “WAIT!? Who’s there!” Sauron: [puts on a wig] Elves: “huh, must have been the wind…”
  • @Halafas
    I don't think they are "correcting" anything in regards to Galadriel. This is just the continuation of her arc.
  • dom moneghan towards halbrand: do you wear wigs? have you worn wigs? when will you wear wigs?
  • @arahman137
    "Galadriel's pretty crazy behavior in season 1 ..." - Understatement of the day
  • @stamoslouis
    Annatar arrives to teach Celebrimbor more about alloys...
  • @KansasCitian
    I just hope they can do a much better job of capturing the scale necessary to make the events of the show actually feel as important as their characters treat them. Last season's big world ending battle ultimately involved one small village of like 100 people.
  • @billygoods22
    The tied up person with the sea monster could be Numenor starting to make human sacrifices (or a vision of the future of Numenor making human sacrifices).
  • I'm looking forward to the "Glee" inspired episode featuring a huge cast of Elves singing "The Real Sauron Shady"
  • I'm looking forward to Elsa singing Let It Go for the orcs 😂😂
  • @gffg387
    Amazon on this teaser: "Galadriel, Harfoots, Fake Gandalf? Don't know what you're talking about."
  • Sauron: I'm Sauron. Celebrimbor: *changes passwords on all their devices Sauron: I am not that other guy, (point to hair) but he did forget to do a few things. Can I barrow your forge? Celebrimbor: Alright, here is the login info.
  • "But they were all of them deceived for another WIG was made. For in the lands of Modor Sauron crafted his master WIG. One WIG to fool them all, one WIG to blind them, one WIG to fool them twice and in the Darkness bind them." JRRT
  • @michaelh3800
    I was just disappointed that the teaser didn't end with a cheery "Ring a ding dillo!"
  • @Cuinn
    Galadriel: Avengers, ASSEMBLE!
  • @Rasklo93
    The Fortress eminating Ice could also be Gundabad or Angmar's fortress. Since it was stated it was in the farthest north. And Isildur taking the path of Shelob would lead him right out to where he would build Minas Itilth later.