The Amazing Digital Circus Is All LIES!

Published 2024-05-13
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It's about time we finish reacting to The Amazing Digital Circus Episode 2! Can Pomni and friends recover the stolen maple syrup? How will Pomni adapt to life in the digital world? We'll have to wait and see!

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0:00 - The Pomni Banter
9:35 - that digital circus sure is amazing!
48:18 - The Pomni Wrap Up

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All Comments (21)
  • @RyanSoltani
    If it wasn’t sad enough to see them thanos snap Gummigoo here, they do it again in the plushie promotion video πŸ’€
  • Gooseworx has established in a tweet that everyone in the Circus DO have memories of their lives, but it’s only names they can’t remember. That’s the only thing they have no memory of.
  • @TheOnlyOne516
    Jax's "upset" expression is actually a microscopic flash of grief. His whole character acts as some real people would playing a video game, reveling in chaos. But he's also using it to live in constant distraction from the awful existence he's confined to
  • @ZachFX_Main
    The Fudge calling Jax a "master of unlocking things" also reminded me of how in Episode 1, Jax had said that he "has keys for everything" after being asked by Ragatha how he had a key to Kaufmo's room
  • @im_bored_hi_
    Jax is treating the circus like GTA, Ragatha is treating it like Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley
  • The fact that I was starting to become a little more hopeful as Gummigoo passed through the portal. "Oh wait. Maybe they aren't gonna go that rou-"
  • @Phobiaph0bic
    The main cast knows they’re all human, and they know they’re in a video game. Pomni outright says that she put on a headset to get there, and Ragatha confirmed that that’s what happened to them too. The only thing they forget are their names. This was all said in Episode 1. Jax reacting that way was to show he has a bit of humanity in him. He was sad for a split second, and then tried to brush it off.
  • 46:09 I have no idea what Mat's on about here. "I'm already breaking" is a pretty standard thing to say when you're trying to keep your composure and not cry, and is often used at not only funerals but things like weddings.
  • 9:54 - It was only confirmed in the first episode that they don’t remember their names, it said nothing about losing all their memories. In fact, Gooseworx confirmed recently on Twitter that they do remember details of their past lives
  • @aranthur
    My read of Jax is that he fights really hard not to care or have emotions for his own sanity, so when the funeral is brought up, there's a second where he's genuinely sad, then he gets angry at himself for it and storms off
  • At the end with the Jax’s reaction to the funeral I belive he was sad at first but then remembered his persona he puts on and acted according to that
  • I love that Ash is so modest being in the the fashion show and just being on the show in general. She has been a part of the channel for awhile now but every video they seem to just be happy to be a part of things. It's easy to tell she really has fun working with Matt and the gang and this isn't just a job for them but a family
  • Something i think it's fair to point out about Ragatha, is that it makes sense in a personal way for her to be concerned about pomni not liking her, after all it is implied that Kaufmo abstracted because he felt unloved, since it was pointed out that no one laughed at his jokes. And while it may seem a bit of a stretch, when you're down in the dumps, any type of reassurance can lift up your spirits, even if it's just making someone laugh.
  • A really good theory i saw floating around is that Caine once accidentally deleted a real person because he couldn’t differentiate the npcs to the players
  • @noahtan
    24:20 I think they should rewatch the pilot episode. Pomni clearly knew that she’s from the β€œreal world”, talking about putting on the headset and arriving in the circus. She then spends the whole first episode trying to escape back to the real world through the exit. And all the other characters talked about how they went through the same experience as her but ultimately gave up finding the exit to return to the real world. 44:59 Yeah they definitely need to rewatch it. Pomni’s hand was clearly fixed at the end of the pilot episode.
  • @nathan...8057
    I really like how Pomni started to realize that although her situation really sucks, the other characters are stuck with her and they genuinely care. She has these mental break downs but at the end she finds comfort in everyone feeling like they are stuck
  • @FlashMan16NG
    45:20 In EP1 when Caine fixes Ragatha with the snap of his finger, Pomni holds up her glitched hand to look at it and we clearly see that it's been fixed too. Also, it was her right hand. In this episode, it's her left arm that abstracts. So, yeah seems pretty cut and dry that Caine fixed everybody and Pomni is just dealing with the psychological effects of it.
  • @baosia
    There is a term for players like Jax: He is a murderhobo. He is playing the game for his gain, something that works in say Skyrim, where you are the single most important thing in that world. A notable thing about those players though, they don't work well in collaborative games, since they want to put themselves ahead of their group.
  • I think Caine's line more implies that he accidentally deleted a human before, but the fact that he can SOMEWHAT keep track, implies that everyone there IS human. The funeral also implies they're human. Why would AI have a funeral service for people(Or characters) that abstract?
  • @kellynine7438
    13:50 -- In both my screenwriting and fiction writing courses, it was hammered into me that whenever one character is providing exposition to another of material the viewer should already know to cut away, and come back to get the recipients reaction to the exposition, but not to spend time recapping -- unless a signficant amount of time has passed since the detail was last mentioned (last season on..., for example). We essentially know what Pomni knows, so we don't need to be there for the exposition, just for Gummiegoo's existential crisis afterwards.