Published 2024-05-03

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  • Kendrick got Drake to rap good again and Drake got Kendrick to drop consistently. All this shit is crazy good. Never been so excited for a rap beef ngl
  • @jameellamar
    Cole catching strays on everyone's diss track after apologizing has to be the funniest ongoing running gag since the beef started
  • 'Kendrick just opened his mouth somebody go get him a grammy'😭 even the grammy are catching strays😂😂😂😂
  • @EmmaPM2
    The bar "cole losing sleeping on this it ain't me" really goes hard
  • @CoverBrazilian
    If Drake keeps responding to every diss track, we gonna have two full length albums 😂.
  • “Nigga Cole Losing Sleep On This, It Ain’t Me” Cole catching more strays 😭😭🔥
  • @RinX__
    "shake that ass for drake, now shake that ass for free" 💀aint no way 😭😭😭 and now we got cole catching more strays goddamn drake on evb top today
  • "Your back is up against the curb" is absolutely diabolical 🤣🤣
  • @PoptartBoyMan
    “its only big D and there’s video proof” is WILD 😭😭😭
  • @Rosalyn-Wong
    I love how after this beef has settled a bit this comment section is more realistic about how hard this song is 😂
  • @geekheavy
    This is the most times Drake has ever said the N-word on a song…he know what he doing
  • Rap beef nowadays got me feeling like I’m back in high school trying to keep up with the daily tea 😂😂
  • "Always rapping like you bout to get the slaves freed" is wild asf😂
  • @DangeistYT
    Not gona lie as a life long kdot fan , Drake rapped his ass off on these beats 🔥
  • @younggjay23
    Drake and Kendrick rap about Cole like they fighting for custody of him 😂😂😂😂
  • @Gumbino
    I don’t even care who wins this beef, keep all these bangers coming
  • “We get it you like to put gin in your juice” 😂😂
  • @MacLethal
    When the 3 gun shots go off you know the songs about to get crazy