This Is Going To Cause WEIRD Weather…

Published 2024-05-13
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In this video, we are talking about severe weather, and a major weather pattern flip that will cause weird weather!

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Please refer to your local National Weather Service office to get the most reliable and up to date weather information as possible.

All Comments (21)
  • "More severe weather on the way" this feels like the weekly theme of 2024
  • @amydavis4945
    Something interesting happened today here in SW Oklahoma.... the sky is this beautiful color of blue, and there's a very large, very bright yellow-glowing orb in the sky!!! I think I've seen this phenomenon before, but it's been awhile. It's actually quite pleasant!
  • @siannonroyer
    I prefer your channel over my local news weatherman. You are way more accurate and way more thorough. Thanks!
  • @ZacharyDial
    Just as I was wondering what the weather was gonna be, here comes Ryan Hall with the info. 😁
  • @sleepycat2474
    I subbed after the most recent severe weather outbreak. Y'all were providing more timely updates than any local station - by up to 5 minutes. Which can be a life-and-death difference
  • Happy late Mother’s Day, Mrs. Hall and all moms watching. Thank you for always keeping us informed with the upcoming weather.
  • Talked to my cousin in Tallahassee she said several homes in her neighborhood were severely damaged but her home was spared, her and her family are doing fine!
  • @EsinAmiz
    I appreciate you talking about this. I was struck by an EF-2 tornado near Tallahassee, and I recently got my power back. My sincere prayer is that we continue to have electricity and avoid any serious storms.
  • 80mph winds. The emergency alert system went off 3 times. When that thing goes off, I feel like I jump out of my skin!
  • @ChadKappaGiga
    My dad works with a group called the Minutemen. They're in Kentucky and Tennessee doing clean up from the last few weeks. He said it's been nonstop for them so thanks for all the help you give I know it goes to people who need it.
  • @robinh.524
    We're still in recovery here in Tallahassee after two E2 funnels touched down. Now we have sandbag stations opening for flooding.
  • @Romial34
    Ryan, thanks for being so charitable for all those effected by the weather. Really means a lot to them.
  • @RetroNook
    Can always count on Ryan and his team. All y'all are appreciated.
  • No!!!!! We had over seven inches of rain for Mother's Day in East Texas. The ground is like soup over here. Please send sunshine. No more rain!!!
  • Strange weather is right. There was a tornado caught on video close to my neighborhood yesterday in the Valles Caldera National Preserve in New Mexico at approx 11,000 ft elevation! WTH?
  • Hopefully everyone checked the northern lights off their bucket lists!!! We did in Knoxville 💜💜💜
  • 80mph winds right now in Andalusia already had 5 tornado warnings in Milton, Pensacola, Destin Babbie AL and Florala AL/FL line since 7am. These storms are nuts
  • Tallahassee was hit by three tornados on Friday. One of them was a wedge according to my coworker who saw it. She was about 3-5 football fields away from it. Another coworker was fortunate to not have any damage in her mobile home park, but one of her neighbors was killed when a tree from the tornado crushed her trailer. The lady’s husband was able to get out of the rubble and is ok now. Hopefully the Y’all Squad can help this grieving gentleman.
  • @stormaggeden
    Since Missouri was in a sort of two year drought, im happy for all the rain. But praying for everyone getting too much or not enough 🙏