Matteo Lane - Roasting Times Square

Published 2022-08-07

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  • chris.mp4
    Come see Matteo on tour and follow along!
  • Dac
    I have so many questions about the ice cream 🍦 guy
  • Gentleman emoji
    He talked about the zurg mask while there was a dad with his son right behind him💀
  • Goobs
    Those name things were so annoying as a kid. If you didn't have a common name, forget it.
  • Distrom-SC2
    “We should check it out but I can’t wait to leave” this man is literally my inner voice
  • christathro6
    “I don’t know what low looks like, but you hit it”… Best line ever!! 😂
  • Ballistic Gel
    "All these bulls are ready to bottom. Every single one of em."

    Matteo is unhinged
  • Tim Noonan
    Idk what he’s talking about Ice Cream Cone Guy is living his best life
  • Wes K.
    Dude youre pretty good at the hetero walk hahaha
  • Dafne
    Homosexuals walk hella fast. I got my leg broke recently, imagine my frustration. I've just discovered another way to see this world.
  • Derek Thao
    “All these bulls are ready to bottom”
  • bestia
    “Olive Garden in Times Square” 💀
  • shaggy bear
    Gotta love how he walks like them combined
  • Misha Mondrian
    "Who the hell is getting an almond M&M?"

    People who enjoy the only good M&M, duh.
  • Don Pacifico
    That guy with the vanilla ice-cream is living his best life.
  • Biscuit
    “It’s like a grocery store but not healthy”
    Who’s gonna tell him
  • BelieveInMatter
    Almond M&M’s? That sounds awesome to me, i love chocolate covered almonds
  • "I think they got rid of that sl*t M&M"
    And we all knew which one it was