Watch his reaction when he’s told he’s a GOOD BOY for the first time

Published 2023-11-13
PUPDATE on BEAR here:    • Here’s what happened to Bear  
Special thanks to all of you for the support so we can help him and Sundays for Dogs for agreeing to my idea to feed him for an entire year! Get it for your dog with this exclusive offer 👉 Get 50% off:

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Thank you Animal Friends of the Valley's for helping him. Please no calls or emails to the shelter so we don't overwhelm him but if you live close stop in. You can even put a hold on him if you want to be the first in line to adopt him once he is released for adoption. Updates will be here as they come in:…

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  • @tanull45
    From Rocky's website:- UPDATE 11/17/23: Bear was ADOPTED! Thanks to all of you sharing his story, he was able to catch the eyes of his brand new dad. We appreciate you all!👍💜👍
  • I went to the shelter today to visit "Bear"! Everyone would be thrilled to hear that he seems very happy and energetic! He has a little red squeaky bone toy that he loves. He licked my hand immediately and rubbed his head on my legs and arms, eager for affection. What a sweetheart!
  • @ninathomson4716
    I cried when his tail wagged when he was told he was a good boy 😢. Rocky is as adorable as the dogs he helps ! 😉😉❤️
  • @juanitahardy8583
    Anyone who abuses a child or animal does not deserve a second chance only the child or animal does. He is a good boy.
  • @leiponimoih8625
    This is not lack of education. This is neglect and cruelty. So glad he got rescued. He is a sweetheart!!
  • @acebase2694
    NO CHANCE FOR THAT OLD OWNER!!! This dog deserves a fresh start! LOVE LOVE LOVE
  • @norasee7462
    All he wants is love, Food, and companionship. They are such wonderful, loving beings. God knew what he was doing when he made dogs.
  • Watching this made me cry. I just can't get over the inhumanity of some people. I'm so happy to see he was adopted.
  • @BryanTheDirector
    "Whatever you've been through, I'm sorry." I felt that. So much.😊
  • @Simply_Helen
    That moment when he starts to realize he's actually safe. That gradual tail wag, and the ears perking, the eyes lighting up. You don't have to be an expert to show an animal love and respect. ❤
  • @user-ts4sh5od7m
    That little face and his reactions to praise bring tears to my eyes. He is beautiful.
  • @bluemoon472
    This dog wasn’t lost - he was starved by cruel, disgusting people who don’t deserve to EVER have any animal again!!
  • @Golgibaby
    Did you see the light turn on in him when you affirmed he is a good boy? How honest and sincere and life affirmingly desperately heartbreaking it was? Man. Jesus.
  • @kimjackson5795
    This dog is making every effort to be extremely "polite" despite his extreme condition. Angel on 4 legs.
  • SO glad he did not go back to previous owner!! Thankful to hear he has a new loving home! ❤
  • @loisbrace1669
    Umm sorry people!!!! He is NOT a Doberman. He is a Hungarian Vizsla. I know bcs I have 3!!! With a Vizsla, they are sometimes referred to as a "Camo" dog. The color of their eves, nails and nose are all the same color. I'd LOVE to see an update of this young man. They are also called "Velcro dogs". My 2 boys love their mama and they are very protective of their home and family but incredibly loving.🥰💞💕♥
  • @NaWildAnimals
    This isn't just a lack of education; it's neglect and cruelty. So grateful he was rescued. Such a sweetheart!!
  • @TimeBucks
    This beautiful dog deserves a loving home
  • @elainepark8529
    I am so pleased he has a new dad. Gorgeous dog. Hope he has a great life.
  • @jodyjohnston8894
    God bless you for loving and caring for these lost, neglected, and abused animals. My heart is full but breaking too.