Minecraft Hermitcraft :: New Silo Concepts

Published 2024-05-13
Minecraft time on the Hermitcraft Server Season 10 SMP Episode 11. Go to buyraycon.com/bdubs for 20% off your order, plus free shipping!

Today on the Hermitcraft Minecraft SMP, we dig our teeth into the terracotta permit and make 3 new silos for mud drying! That's such a weird sentence to say in the real world to normal people. But you get it!

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  • The awkward silence with Gem when Tango left was just perfect 😂
  • Two different terracotta versions to sell - Unsustainable, mass mined terracotta and ✨Ethical, homegrown, artisan terracotta. Sell the ethical stuff for more, make the unsustainable look like a better deal, but it's all genius marketing and upcharges.
  • @izzytodd4242
    The fact that the “don’t go in silos” message is actually good advice is honestly kinda terrifying. Like, when you’re emptying a silo, you lose a limb, or worse, if you’re in a silo and the contents start shifting, you can end up submerged and drown.
  • I love that bdubs has his quaint home far away from everyone where he is super chill, and then has the cyberpunk city where he’s building on a big scale and getting to interact with everyone. The best of both worlds.
  • @XantuxNepomuk
    if anyone on the server can "break" the dripleaf, it's obviously going to be doc!? Ask!
  • Since you are drying mud in there, the waste water needs to go somewhere..., maybe a little waste water lake? Or just pump the water into the stream in the woods :)
  • 8:48 “They’re fun to have around you but you swing the axe at just the wrong time and poof, you have a horse head.” -Joel
  • @cyprienv2939
    I'm so hyped by the idea of Scar and Bdubs building together their terracota shop, we haven't seen enough of these 2 together this season 🤩
  • @Van-dq4sw
    The fact that, before the cut to you flying away, you clearly just walked off the edge of Tango's factory and fell to the ground in your state of disgust. Perfect editing.
  • @DK-cf8dl
    Gem seething "I can't believe what I'm hearing right now!" should be a horn - right now :)
  • Gem and Tango bullying him while the leaf is actually staying down 😭 it's ok mr Bdubs I saw your leaf
  • @Simmo14
    The extra effort your putting into the transitions between scenes are phenomenal and isn't going unnoticed. I know you don't love compliments but bravo little guy.
  • The speed you put that bed down when Gem showed up 🤣🤣💀 cat reactions 🤣🔥
  • @X3n0nLP
    Can't believe gem just tuned in at the perfect time to heat how bdubs stole from her.
  • @StrangeWill97
    Man, I think it would be cool if Bdubs made a windmill!! With like a grain/wheat field for his horses! It'd be so pretty.
  • @VilkataG
    You're sitting on a potential gold mine with the Bamboo permit. You said you need a super smelter? Build a super smelter in the shopping district with bamboo auto-fed in as fuel. You can charge for use of the smelter by "selling" 4 stacks of bamboo per stack smelted! Also, thank you for correcting yourself when you said "funner". 😉
  • if the parrots keep dying maybe try to swap them with Allays if a flying "pet" is what you are looking for, they can fly, move really fast when far away, cant be damaged by the owner, have a great health regen and could even help when collecting items, maybe while building you can have them pickup any blocks that fall
  • Let's be honest, Cleo has made more than enough diamonds. This is like saying "I can't do delivery because I'll take money from Amazon"