My 2024 iPad Pro Review

Published 2024-05-13

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  • @jpringle1290
    Can wait to use that powerful M4 chip to watch YouTube on it
  • @imsoulshi
    Black charging cable comes with the 11” iPad Pro as well though. You just have to choose the Space Black color.
  • @cyrus6560
    Dave: "2018 iPad Pro" Me (mentally): Oh, 2 year old iPad Dave: This thing is almost 6 years old at this point Me: realization
  • This review helped me realize my M1 iPad Pro is still more than enough for me. The whole filming/streaming thing is amazing but doesn't apply to me at all. Thanks Dave for always delivering unique perspectives on this stuff.
  • @charlien759
    Wouldn't it make more sense that the 11 inch didn't have a black cable because it wasn't the black variant and your 13 inch model was!? Or am I missing something here?
  • @phykios
    The embargo lifting is insane, everyone literally uploads iPad reviews/unboxes within seconds of each other its crazy
  • @cheapixx
    Oh man i love this guy. Just pure video edited in real time, no stupid cuts every second and no “right after word feom today sponsor blah blah” 🙄 YOU ROCK! 😍
  • the black cable came with the 13 inch because you got the black version. If you got the 11 inch in black, it would've had a black cable too
  • dave talking about the multicam setup is the most hyped i've seen him since the m1 debut. now i'm hyped to see the setup.
  • @adriae.s.3814
    the fact that new apple pencil won't work on older generations has nothing to do with teh magnetic system or camera positioning, it's just that they don't want it to work on older gen ipads. Anti consumer policies like always.
  • @Kaskobi
    i believe the only reason the 13 inch pro has a black cable is because its colour matched, considering you have the space black 13 inch and the silver 11 inch, it may make sense
  • @vinny5915
    As a daily iPad Pro user, the "Magic" keyboard is the bane of my existence. Not because the hardware is bad, or because of the missing keys, but because iPadOS just does not like to work with physical keyboards, first-party or not. For example, to use the password manger, I have to remove the keyboard so that the virtual keyboard would show up which contain the password-auto-fill button. In addition, almost every app I got does not work well with it. The keyboard overlay menus would block whatever in the bottom right corner (like the "send" button of a messaging app). That overlay also often cause the UI of apps to glitch out; at which point, I would have to un-dock/re-dock the thing. So... I don't care if things are changing, I will care when they are changed.
  • @DigiNeko
    your niece togepi drawing is so beautiful!
  • Seems to be the only honest review of these iPads so far. Thanks 👍🏾
  • Oh man i love this guy. Just pure video edited in real time, no stupid cuts every second and no “right after word feom today sponsor blah blah” YOU ROCK! ❤
  • @danlozano
    Are you sure the different cables aren't because the 13" you have is space black and the 11" you have is silver?
  • Aight, I see that fish tank in the background. Give us a fish tank tour!
  • Love this review. I can literally feel Dave's emotions penetrating through my screen towards the end of the video, 100% genuine. Dave is more like a friend telling you about his excitement over how the new iPad can provide solutions to his real life problems than just a reviewer providing generic statistics.
  • @Noyb266
    First video I’ve ever watched and I have been missing out on your content. This is great quality! Thank you!
  • @oldhamer111
    I could watch Dave talk about his experience of watching paint dry and still enjoy his thoughts. Such a genuine person. Keep the great content coming please, sir.