Game Theory: The COMPLETE History of Poppy Playtime SOLVED (Chapter 3)

Published 2023-11-18
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With the recent release of the Smiling Critters VHS tape and Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 right around the corner, I figured it was good to get everyone on the same page about the timeline of events. From the creation of the Poppy doll to the institution of the Bigger Bodies initiative and the events of the games we've got everything in order for you to go right into Chapter 3 with the most comprehensive understanding of the series possible!

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All Comments (21)
  • @midnyghtryder.
    It's been 18 months??? Matt has been singlehandedly keeping the game relevant through lore
  • I personally believe that Ludwig was kept in the dark of these experiments and became 1006 when he found out what the doctor was doing.
  • @im_mattwilkins
    Gonna predict in 5 years we'll see MatPat in a movie based on this franchise 😂
  • If I had a nickel for every ambitious inventor who drove his wife away and poured his life into turning his dead daughter into an animatronic/toy, I'd have two nickels, which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice.
  • @Bystander232
    Let’s take a moment to recognize that “Mortality is the curse of the WEAK!” is certifiably insane. Also, no one who believes that is going to skip the opportunity to become immortal.
  • @TimeBucks
    That reference of the crying child was so nostalgic
  • William Afton: so lemme get this straight, you killed 200 kids and turned them into furries in 1 year?
    The doctor: yes
    William Afton: wanna team up?
    The doctor: sure!
  • Honestly, the idea that Ludwig was turned into the prototype to save his life, only for him to revert back to his previous, less selfish mindset… that would be such an interesting twist, certainly feels unique. We don’t often get to see the main villain actually repent, let alone try to destroy his own system, at least not without duress. I hope that ends up being the case, cause that would be such an interesting method of having two sides that aren’t exactly morally righteous.
  • @Deflower-me-tap
    There’s always a complete history before the game is finished😂
  • @NONOTV04
    Does anyone else used to be afraid of things like this but now love it?
  • @jolt_b8964
    Matpat has just accepted he wont get Fnaf's timeline right so he has gone to the next best thing
  • @akumuryuu
    An email from Ludwig could be secretly sent by someone else, who is still pretending that their boss is alive, hiding the fact that he's been turned into a toy.
    I just realized, if any of the orphans get curious of where there friends are going, the staff can just say “they got adopted”.
  • Matpat is carrying this game, making sure we don't forget about it and keeping it relevant-
  • That reference of the crying child was so nostalgic, thank you for putting that in there or whoever edits your videos, also please give your editor a raise they deserve it
  • @jaketaller8567
    I’ll give it like a year or two before a fourth chapter gets announced, spurring Matpat to have to redo the whole timeline all over again.
  • @Ethan-yd4gn
    Every small little update builds the hype so much more, but it's genuinely crazy how long we've had to wait for this chapter
  • @DangericeDreams
    Taking into account the 18-month hiatus from Mob Games, I definitely wasn’t expecting a Complete Timeline video today
  • Poppy seems to sound a bit more adult when she talks... makes me wonder if she wasn't a child when she was created but a adult woman that maybe got into a fight with her dad, died, and her dad wanting to 'save his baby girl' ended up putting her into the doll...
  • @user-ts7qw9vg3n
    Bruh Matpat always convinces me and makes me get onboard with his theories, if he said we were robots, I would believe him😅