Dead by Daylight | Dungeons & Dragons | Official Trailer

Published 2024-05-14
In dark places such as this, one must keep themselves entertained...

Dead by Daylight: Dungeons & Dragons. June 3rd.

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Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer action/horror game where one player takes on the role of a brutal Killer and the other four play as Survivors. As a Killer your goal is to sacrifice as many Survivors as possible. As Survivors your goal is to work together to evade, escape, and most importantly – stay alive.      


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Music by Michel F. April


All Comments (21)
  • @KRDiStort
    Oh dang, Vecna! Like, actual Vecna, not just Stranger Things Vecna. That's pretty cool.
  • @banette7042
    For months, Stranger Things fans have been going "We want Vecna added to the game!" The monkey paw curls.
  • @skyesharpe3
    Vecna: "so I'm here to torment and make suffer these..." The Entity: "Humans I find it fun to torment." Vecna: "Right. I can get behind that. Let me just conjure up a horde of skeletons and-" The Entity: "That's not giving them a fair chance. They need to first have hope so we can crush it." Vecna: "...that's...literally one of my most basic techniques. What, do these gormless fools not have a cleric among them?" The Entity: "No" Venca: "Not even a fighter? It's four humans, statistically speaking two of them are Fighters." The Entity: "That one there's a bit feisty but no." Vecna: "...Well that's fine then, I'll just put them to sleep." The Entity: "No." Vecna: "That is a first level spell! A fucking wizard's diploma is written on the back of a Sleep scroll!" The Entity: 😠 Vecna: "...So basically I can't use any of my spells to directly hurt these humans." The Entity: "Correct. I want them afraid and hopeless, because their despair tastes like a root beer float." Vecna: "Yes yes, you're very intimidating. Fine. I can still rot them to death with the barest touch of my hand. I'll just Misty Step to them-" The Entity: > > Vecna: "you're fucking kidding me." The Entity: > > Vecna: "So I just have to walk after them at a brisk pace and...what, play tag while they fiddle around with those shuddering contraptions you've laid everywhere? And if they escape, what, I...lose? This game you're playing?" The Entity: "Now you're getting it." Vecna: " " The Entity: " " Vecna: "I was a god once."
  • @KonekoJira
    For a second I thought that was Thanos in the thumbnail. 😂
  • @Fletch_078
    “The dragon’s we found in the dungeon, they were all Dead by Daylight.”
  • "For in dark places such as this, one must keep themselves entertained." Vecna is here on business, studying the entity's secrets. He's not here against his will, he's not here because of a deal. He's here for his own machinations. And the only reason you're being sacrificed to the entity by him is purely for his own entertainment.
  • @Silverwind87
    "Dead by Daylight | Dungeons & Dragons" Oh cool, so it's like a pack of costumes? "New Killer" Wait, what? "Vecna" WAIT, WHAT?
  • @espiraku5838
    A little detail I love about Vecna, is that the entity seems to give him a greater degree of respect as a fellow god. In the trailer he is not called The Litch or The Undead King, he is called by his full true name, as if he was most of a guest than a subject
  • The funny thing is, this is NOT the first time that Vecna has been kidnapped by a mysterious, shadowy god-like being and trapped in a tailor-made shadow hell for said Dark Gods amusement. Probably won’t be the last time he broke free on his own power, either.
  • @NaveRellim34
    I know his name us Vecna but "The Dungeon Master would have been the coolest killer name ever
  • I think vecna might be the most powerful being the entity has ever wrestled into its realm vecna is like a immensely powerful deity who can travel between the multiverse of dnd yet our personal eldritch spider boy got him in his realm
  • @eu_o_andy
    this map is going to be one of my favorites if we have the dungeon and the outside
  • @wolfieboy4452
    This sounds a lot like the guy who narrated Mortal Kombat Armageddon’s intro
  • For the people saying vecna isn't scary. Having a dungeon master pull this fucker out is the scariest thing I have ever experienced full stop. The party got TPK'd
  • To catch up to speed on who this Vecna is: Vecna was once a powerful wizard that lost his mother to execution on accounts of witchcraft by the city's government With his Family no more, he eventually mastered dark arts by teachings from Mok'Sylk: a god like powerhouse of a lost clan known as the Ancient Brethren..... known to his Brethren brothers as "The Serpent" During his 1000 years of Lich reign in the Valley of Sheldomar, he sought to conquer the City of Fleeth with his own army of dark mages.... but was nearly killed by the god of light Pholtus, costing him an Eye and Hand In the midst of the war.... He was eventually killed by a magic sword created by him and now named after the betraying lieutenant that killed Vecna with it: Kas the Bloody-Handed But with the help of a cult returning him to the world of Greyhawk on the planet of Oerth, he's broken free from his prison known as the demiplane of Dread and looks to shake the very cosmos while seeking a place in the planet's Pantheon......
  • @dr_buschy
    Could this be Matt Mercers Voice? ^^