Tom Brady on football journey, life after the rings, lessons, being a dad & self growth | The Pivot

Published 2024-05-14
Big Big Day!! As the guys said, the end of our MixTape Era now the album drops....To kick off our new partnership with Fanatics, hosts Ryan Clark, Fred Taylor, and Channing Crowder sit down with none other than the 7x Super Bowl champion and NFL icon, Tom Brady. While the world has seen glimpses of Tom's personality, most recently on Netflix's "Greatest Roast of All Time", The Pivot Podcast dives deep into who Tom really is off the football field and beyond the headlines and storylines.

Reflecting on last week and his takeaways from doing the roast with former New England teammates and coaches, Kevin Hart and other celebrity comedians, Tom is learning to let go of the control he used to have as Quarterback and learning to live in the grey area of life, learning but improving on the decisions he makes each day. Having some regrets by not looking at the full picture of the roast, he is focused on being the best parent he can to his 3 kids always. Fanatics and The Pivot gift TB with a special memorabilia from the 1981 NFC Championship that brings him back to the innocence of his childhood when his reality was just a dream but a dream ignited by passion for football and love for competition leading him to be one of the greatest to ever step on the field.

After commanding the field for 22 years, Tom became a master of the sport, but our conversation reveals how he continues to evolve as a man, friend, and father away from the game. He discusses the importance of personal growth and reflects on the lessons learned throughout his illustrious career with a strong focus on the quality time with his kids and being there for them in anyway possible.

Opening up about the profound influence his parents had on him, instilling his drive and motivation to succeed from a young age. From his humble beginnings to his meteoric rise in the NFL, Tom shares the difference makers in his life that kept him focused and determined throughout his career.

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  • @spydaman3331
    After that roast Tom needs to be around some wholesome positivity 😂
  • @iamlonia
    He was ready to talk and needed some brotherhood. This is the first time I’ve heard him engaged, excited and open. Like it’s not the burden of another interview. I wish it was longer
  • The biggest takeaway has to be what Tom had to say regarding his parents specifically his father. Oftentimes parents discourage their children because they can't wrap their mind around achieving that level of success when more often than not the child just wants that encouragement and approval of their parent. If we all think back to our own individual childhood when we look at the times our parents didn't support us even if we were to have failed, having their support would have meant more than victory itself.
  • They got Tom!!!!!! know this is about to be legendary so proud of where the Pivot continues to go 🔥
  • @GoonLagoon8
    Tom Brady with his mindset Talkin football on Sundays will be Epic✊🏽
  • Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr will always be the 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐
  • Freddy T is just impressing me with candour every time and his interview skills are just becoming consistently brilliant. Keep up the good work.
  • As a die hard dolphins fan and season ticket holder for 29 years. I couldn’t stand TB12 but after this interview as a football fan it was an honor to be have the opportunity to see him play at all those home games in Miami and witness greatness. Im even more admirable of the person.
  • Love you guys. I am 80 year old mother, grandmother and great grandmother and I have been watching you guys from the beginning. My all-time favorite interview is with Mike Tomlin, but you guys knocked this one out of the park. I was always on the fence about Tom Brady, but I’m off the fence now this show gives you the opportunity to know a person. Again Love you guys.
  • @rkang99
    Julian punching the air right now 😂😂
  • @datsapaddlin
    Tom getting his full blown media personality running
  • The GOAT!!!! So happy to see Tom! Great man and loving father. He is 1000% better off; than with that cheating ex. Brady's a real one. Nothing but the absolute best Tom! Respect to The Pivot crew 💯👊🏾
  • @HakTunes
    Tom is really Captain America. He just the man….you can’t front! On and off the field! Damn near perfect!
  • @mr.cookie7308
    One of the rare interviews Tom has done. That just goes to show you the class and caliber of this awesome show.
  • @ChrisB7102
    The Pivot has actually and honestly changed my life. I love these dudes.
  • @ChinsLein
    It's incredible how intently everyone listens when Tom speaks. Tom has a great deal of insight.
  • @tyjordan9685
    Fred Taylor talking to Tom about his seasons with him 54:35 was the most wholesome part of the video that’s real grown man shit “accountability “ amazing interview