Published 2024-05-04
This is our reaction to Kendrick Lamar not like us drake diss
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All Comments (21)
  • @CadenBooth
    B Lou wore the pads for Zia’s punches😭
  • @subway2297
    5:22 "I wonder what a-minor sound like " 6:02 plays A-minor "that sound kinda childish" 😂
  • J cole touches your heart, kendrick touches your soul, Drake touches your kids.
  • Best part about this song is the paedophile references at the end. The "Hey hey hey hey" reference to Bill Cosby, and "Step this way" R. Kelly reference. Genius.
  • Meet the Grahams is played in A Minor and when Kendrick said “I’m about to up the score” Not Like Us is played in B Minor. It’s just genius work. Bro has a Pulitzer for a reason
  • @Big_Knowledge
    1.Wop (Like that) 2.Wop (Euphoria) 3.Wop (6:16 in LA) 4.Wop (Meet the Graham's) 5. Wop (Not like us) 5x in the song "How many stocks do i have in stock, 1,2,3,4, 5 + 5" He dropped 5 and got 5 more waiting. Unfortunately we won't get to hear em
  • @HauieBeast
    The way they paused and looked at each other when he said "a minor... a child" 😂😂😂
  • @mphillips2110
    Don't miss the part where kendrick says "hey, hey, hey, hey". That's a Fat Albert reference. And guess who created, produced, and did all the voices for Fat Albert? Bill Cosby. Yep, the same Bill Cosby that was accused and put on trial for sexual assault a few years ago. Kendrick is just so diabolical. Drake should have never messed with him. Drake will probably have more hits after this and he will definitely keep making money but his career will never be the same.
  • @dansmith9406
    Honestly my new hobby is watching not like us reaction videos 😂 the A-Minor line gets me every time. I could watch people hear that line for the first time forever
  • @MarcoHuncho
    "I wanna see what A Minor sound like" is craaaaazy work bro😂😂😂
  • @FM-su1vr
    “That sounds kinda childish” is CRAZYYYY!!! 🤣💀 Best reaction out!
  • There is another meaning to his "tryna strike a cord and its probably a minor" bar. So kendrick calls drake white boy all the time and on a piano the key A minor is the only one with all white keys.
  • @MsKayla130
    🇨🇦 from TO here we absolutely are on Kendrick team 1000%
  • @utenval
    4:58 BLOU “EVEN I GOT THAT SHIT” 😭 first bar he ever understoo
  • @Qwiv666
    yall gotta be the best friends on earth no lie. actual amazing chemistry