Our Dream Came True!

Published 2024-05-13
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Editing for this video:
Marissa Ann Patterson
Caden Finch

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All Comments (21)
  • So...bout the horse, I had an idea for a new birthday tradition for Max and Jet. Paint the horse white, like choke white, and stamp their feet and hands on it every birthday till they can draw or write. Just saying. It would be so cool when they see this all grown. luv yall from brazil
  • Hi Ryland! Love the patio however I did see you planted LILLiES in the snail planter! 😮 lilies are highly toxic to both cats and dogs, with as little as one or two molecules of pollen being enough to cause liver failure in cats!! For the safety of your precious fur babies you should definitely trade out the lilies for a safer plant, such as zinnias or snapdragons❤ Edit: spelling
  • @vanessacruzz_
    lilys are EXTREMELY toxic to cats so make sure they don’t get anywhere near em. 🥺💛 i know they’re not outside cats but just in case yall didn’t know! also i’m about to move into my first townhome so this is giving me so much excitement and ideas for the little patio we’re about to have!! 🏡
  • @shelbycain420
    Can we talk about how healthy Shane is looking! Not that he didn’t look healthy before he just seems more confident in front of the camera again. It makes me so happy to see both of them bettering their lifestyles for their boys! 🖤🖤
  • CAREFUL! Do not let the dogs around that yellow Lilly!! It’s hella toxic
  • @emilysjr2900
    Ryland being a gardener, pool man, house decorator HAS ME DYING
  • @Henny.777
    I’m losing it at Honey perusing her lesbian relationship with Riley a month before pride month 😭
  • @haha_darnit
    have you ever considered maybe an outdoor rug? the flooring is beautiful but it can break it up a little bit (whether you choose to put one under the couch or table) so it’s not so much tile
  • Advice not asked for but just a simple tip.. you should try to be loud around your babies and not as quiet, it helps them sleep through more ❤️
  • @forever1010ss
    Ryland with that hair.. HOTTIE! OMG and Shane’s been looking healthier than ever. They’re both THRIVING in their dad era ❤
  • I just graduated college and the first thing I did with my big degree self was come here to watch Ryland decorate the patio. If I could, I would mail my gratitude stole to you and Shane. You're the whole reason I kept a good headspace throughout my whole college journey. So much love to the both of you!!
  • So glad y’all decided not to sell the house! I never kept my house quiet when my babies slept. The world isn’t quiet. I would blast music, watch tv, vacuum, etc., while they were asleep.
  • @catwoman4921
    What a beautiful patio! Just an FYI, Lilies are deadly to cats so if they get out and chew on the leaves or injest any pollen they could die. I just learned about this recently so I've gotten rid of all the lillies on our property.
  • @Tysxno
    The entire lily plant is toxic to cats: the stem, leaves, flowers, pollen, and even the water in a vase, bestie please get rid of it 😭
  • You need to put some annuals in some of those pots.The lily that is in the snail will stop blooming in another week. There’s a brand of petunias called super bells by proven winners. These plants are amazing and they will bloom as long as you don’t get a hard freeze. If you fertilize them every week, they’ll bloom even more!! They are available a variety of colors.
  • @Amanda_move
    I absolutely love starting my week with your awesome feel good vlogs :))).
  • @AutoiFroie
    It was lovely how delighted Shane was to be there and provide support.