The Sexiest Batman Alive, The Guy on the Chiefs, and A Kelce Duet | Ep 64

Published 2023-11-15
92%ers we are back with another episode of New Heights presented by our friends at Experian and the all-new Experian Debit Card and Digital checking account!

In this episode, we’ve got some huge New News coming your way about the “Family Reunion” Watch Party, Jason lets us know what it’s like to be a “Sexiest Man Alive” finalist, and we get the details on the Kelce Christmas duet dropping today.

We also dive into Jason’s trip to the Weiner Circle, jumping into the broadcast booth on Thursday Night Football, and why Ryan Fitzpatrick wanted no part of his “Grundle.”

Travis gives us all the details on his trip south of the Equator to catch a concert, his reaction to his Eras mention, and why he left Mr. Swift hanging on the high five.

We also settle the debate on when to put up your Christmas tree, recap a wild week 10 in the NFL, explain why the Giants' Tommy DeVito might be living right, and get some Kelce family war stories from Ed Kelce.

We will be back Friday with a preview of Eagles at Chiefs of the “Family Reunion Game,” some more of your Not Dumb Questions, and maybe our favorite piece of fan art.

In the meantime, please keep sending in your suggestions for “The Greatest Highlight of All Time” and sign up for our official fan club at

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00:00 - Intro
01:45 - “Family Reunion Game” Watch Party
07:45 - Sexiest Batman Alive
14:02 - Kylie’s Eagles Jacket
16:00 - Kelce Christmas Duet
18:30 - Fan Mentions
27:42 - Jason on TNF Appearance
42:40 -Travis on Argentina Trip
49:00 - What to see in KC?
53:35 - When to put up the Christmas Tree?
55:50 - What is “Buns?”
01:00:00 - NFL Week 10 Recap
01:06:00 - Tristan Wirfs Almost Scoop and Score
01:08:05 - Tommy DeVito is a Legend
01:13:24 - Stamp of the Week with Ed Kelce
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All Comments (21)
  • @clebinhobigorna
    Travis: “I’m gonna keep my personal relationship personal”

    Jason: private life my ass... I will put you on the spot every chance I got
  • It’s pretty cool seeing Taylor Swift fans staying, and enjoying the podcast.
  • @aliciad8553
    Swifties should start sending Jason Kelce thank you gifts for making Travis talk about Taylor.
    Reminder: Jason likes homemade gifts - a big fan of pottery. Someone please make him an Eagles or New Heights mug.
    Or "Brotherly Shove" utensils.
    Maybe knit him a Kelly Green sweater (if you need a size, I know he mentioned it in an earlier episode.)
    The man deserves something! He's making sure we get all the details.
  • @WANT-2-H0T-MEET
    Jason saying "sounds like a labyrinth of issues" and they both chuckle. I am DEAD. Jason is a true swiftie <3
  • @mommehnator
    Aww, Jason's love for his wife is just beautiful.
  • Just putting this out into the universe… imagine the best man speech by Jason at Taylor and Travis’ wedding?! 🤯
  • @SparticusHun
    The joy the Swifties will get from this episode could power Philadelphia for the next 75 years😂
  • @beckysmith3946
    I was a Chiefs fan before a Taylor fan. I have since listened to the majority of Taylor's music. So Travis put Taylor on the map for me.
  • @Ladybird1307
    This "We gotta talk about it" should just be a regular thing on your podcast 😅
  • Watching 2 grown professionals, who also happen to be brothers, argue over who gets a space-truck is the most wholesome thing happening today. Also, Jason was robbed. I've been watching Travis for at least the last 4 seasons (swoon) and adore that he's with Taylor. Much love to all of you guys.
  • @adamproctor483
    Is there anything more universal and relatable than calling a parent and having them say, “While I have you on the phone, I have a box of your old stuff I’d like to give you.” 😂
  • @lyzzie10
    47:49 Jason's smile toward Travis is so heartwarming. He is so happy for his brother
  • @blancabatista
    I love how Jason gets us the scoop. He’s better than TMZ.
  • @Ejn20000
    Taylor & Travis dating got me interested in the Kelces but these two are so funny and charming. I’m such a fan of both & Kylie too. Jason is here to get us the tea!!
  • @slverstar53
    As a Swiftie and a Kansas City native Chiefs fan, I've never been happier haha
  • @Jiggen4biggens
    I love being able to see why Taylor loves Travis! ❤ His personality TOTALLY matches or even can keep up with hers!
  • @sidscorner1
    "You're gonna let this man's devilishly good looks and relationship with your daughter sway you from a lifetime of fandom, Scott?"
  • @ashleighjade228
    Jason is out here doing the work for us Swifties!!!! In Jason we trust!
  • @sidscorner1
    "I don't blame Tommy for this, I blame Mrs. DeVito." Jason has so many gems.